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Taken at the Peterborough Bon Fire night festival.

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Next instalment on how to use the Financial Functions in Excel so you can budget and plan better. Links to example spreadsheet included in video detail on YouTube.

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Trying my hand at Youtube....

Just Google It

I have noticed how these days people actually don't want to discuss things. You ask a question like, "Where in the world is Lake MinneWanka?"and some people will just say, "Google It!" or "If you bothered to 'Google it', you would find that it is in .... ".

What about, how long does it take to get from A to B ... yip, "Google It".

Eventually, I am sure it will be the answer to all of the following:
Hey, what is your wife's name?
When's your Birthday?
Where do you live?
What's your National Insurance number ;-) ?

Or something like ...
Would you like some chocolate cake? Response: "If you bothered to 'Google It', you would know I am gluten intolerant!"

Years from now we will just look at each other and reach out to Google. Who needs conversation anyway!

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This I from a photo shoot I did yesterday.

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If you have not already joined, why not have a look at our growing community.

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Yesterday I posted a poem that I had written. I decided to make it "pretty" and put it in a format that is easier to share and view. Feel free to share and print it if you want. The only restriction you can't sell it or modify it.

Where do I begin
what do I say
I never intended for
life to be this way

Years have gone by
many important moments too
Where have I been
lost in this technological goo

I have been caught up
in its spider's web
Invisible down to its
longest thread

Living in some virtual
Lost in it
oblivious as real events unfurled

Wake Up!
it's not too late
Wake Up!
don't leave it all to fate

Stand Up!
switch off the devices strewn around
Stand Up!
put your feet on the ground

Look all around you
what do you see?
Things that are real
and not just vanity

No likes and pluses
retweets and shares
Just items and people
and opportunities to really care

Go for a walk
drop in on a friend
Don't let life pass you by
it's so quick to its end

- NO

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