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 This past Thursday night, I was awoken
by a thin, frail voice. “Ike? Ike, are you there?”, the
barely recognizable voice asked. I sat up, realizing it was Mimi. “Huh?What? Mimi, is that you?”
came a sleepy, yet alarmed reply. “Yeah, it's me, little buddy.”...
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A Most Wonderful Surprise
other morning, upon my arrival at the office, I was greeted by the
most wonderful surprise. No,
the Prize Patrol had not festooned my area with balloons and left a
big fat check with my name on it. I am beginning to think they are
merely a myth, like ...
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The other night I overheard the most
unusual conversation. I can only assume I was half-dreaming,
half-awake. From downstairs I heard a little
voice; “Mimi...Mimi.” “Wha---What is it Ike?” , came a
groggy reply. “I can't sleep.” I was about to awaken LB, bu...
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Summertime, LB and Baseball
Friday July 15, found my Lovely Bride and me with our BFFs
Jim and Flo (no, not the insurance lady Flo) five rows behind home plate. 
Being a beautiful Summer evening with mild temperatures, and gentle
on-shore breezes it was a perfect night for baseball. A...
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Dim Bulb
The other day a light bulb burned out. Oh I know this is
hardly momentous or worthy of note. During the course of my life, I have had
many bulbs burn out- physical, intellectual, metaphorical. The event of a bulb
burning out is as exciting as…well… a light ...
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Back---I hope
This evening, I undertook something which had been long set
aside. As my Lovely Bride lies dozing in the other room, the
evening tasks have either been completed or put off until tomorrow, I unscrewed
the cap of my new fountain pen and----commenced to write...
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Sunday Morning Laundromat
Johnny Cash had a hit single, enumerating his discoveries
while walking down a Sunday morning sidewalk after a Saturday night of revelry.
The juxtaposition between the wholesomeness of small town Sundays and the
physical, emotional, and spiritual pangs of s...
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So long, Old Sharp
I knew it was a question of “when”; the inevitable “if”
being a foregone conclusion. Still, one is never fully prepared when the news
is received. With a series of pops, snaps, buzzes, sparks, flashes,
flames and smoke; our trusty microwave announced it dem...
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Joy and Tears
Do you believe there can be humor and joy amidst the tears? I know, I know… it is a dichotomous thought. So totally
ludicrous, the height of incongruity;  it
is one that is hardly worth even considering. Yet, we have found humor, and laughter, joy, and peac...
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