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I'm curious, what are your thoughts on SharePoint as a LMS? Do you see it as more of a solution for social learning or content mgt? Or can it be utilized to include such things as mobile, talent mgt, etc.?

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f you have not done so, please take a moment to fill out this 3 min survey. Anyone who sends it to their contacts (and let's me know via Linkedin) will be entered to win the Blu-Ray player. If u are on Twitter - and send it via that way or Facebook, same thing - auto entry to win the player.

Thank you.

The url for those who want to just send it directly is

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My problem with case studies is they are really another form of marketing. It isn't the marketing component that is a big deal, is the failure to disclose that it isn't actually research, should be.

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What is going to be the "watch for" in 2012, as in "watch for this" to do some damage? Gamification.

Post has attachment Please take a moment and fill out this survey. I'd appreciate it if you can sent it onto your friends, colleagues, associates and fellow "circles".
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