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Planetary Wars
A fast-paced real time strategy game for Android.
A fast-paced real time strategy game for Android.


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An older gameplay video of Planetary Wars.
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Highscore system
This information should be familiar to those who played Planetary Wars:
- for every game you directly win, you get: +1 point
- every level you lose for the first time: 0.5 points
every level you win in a rematch gives you +1 point so that the final score for that level is: +0.5 points

What i did not tell you, is that every game you play only lasts for 30 days. So after a match is older than 30 days, you may have more points (if you lost most of the games) or you will have less points if you played really strong. This is done for two reasons:
1. New players most likely will not win that often during their first games but will become stronger over time.
2. A player that played more than 3 months would be nearly unreachable  for a player that played only 2 weeks.

I hope you understand why i choose this system, but please let me know what you think and how i could enhance Planetary Wars.
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The current version is pretty challenging. I am working on new features and a better difficulty scale to challenge the pros and support the future pros.
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Gameplay Screenshots.
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