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Awesome tips for creating perfect sound for your video
Originally shared by ****
Great tips as usual, Joey. All good stuff. 
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Interested in publishing a book on Amazon?

Kindle MatchBook  for all you writer publishers out there.
 an innovative new program which enables you to offer your Kindle book at a discount when readers purchase your print book, so you can sell more books. It's easy to enroll.

Here's how it works:

Select your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) title on your KDP Bookshelf and check the Enroll box for Kindle MatchBook on the "Rights & Pricing" page.
Set the discount for your book by choosing a promotional list price of $2.99 or less.
Save your Kindle MatchBook preferences.

By enrolling your book, you will be among the first to be able to take advantage of this new program. The Kindle MatchBook discount you select will not appear on until the program is fully launched in the coming weeks. We will notify you by e-mail as soon as your Kindle MatchBook discount is live. Your readers will soon have an easy and affordable way to read your book in both print and digital formats. 

Don't have a print version of your book? Create one today with CreateSpace – Amazon's independent publishing platform for print books.

Visit your KDP Bookshelf today to enroll your books in Kindle MatchBook. 

Best regards, 
The Kindle Direct Publishing Team 

Questions? Learn more in our Help section.

#kindle   #aeraer   #aerkindle  
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HOA new update
YouTube One Channel and Live HOA videos... how to tips/suggestions
The Hangout Helper offers HOA Tips

If you have moved over to the new YouTube One Channel design (or tried and switched back) and wondered how to make that work well with your LIVE HOA Activity (HOA = Hangouts on Air)... I have some tips for you that should work now.

If your goal is to use the new design (you know we'll be required to do so soon enough) and your HOA activity together & make it easy for new folks to 'discover' your live show it can seem a bit confusing.

There is still some development (aka changes) coming our way, but for now here are my top tips on how to make this work out easily for everyone.

1) Advertise/Share a Special Link long beforehand (see below)
2) Pre-load the Unsub Trailer with the YouTube URL at the last moment

The HOA 'video' link is not available until right before the show, so if you want to send people to YouTube to look for the show, and need to advertise that ahead of time, give them this link:{YourChannelName}/live

Replace the {YourChannelName} with your channel's name... i.e. mine would be:

If there is a live stream going on at the time they click that link, they are directed to your live show, if not, they are re-directed to your main channel page.

If they are a subscriber to your channel, they hopefully will see the "What to watch next" area display your live show once it begins. Reference: One Channel (time-stamped youtube link)

If they are not a subscriber (yet) they will see the "Un-subscriber Trailer video" auto play, so for non-subscribers, you should also do this:
Just before show time, when the HOA interface is opened, copy the YouTube URL for the HOA and paste it onto the "Un-subscriber Trailer" field of the One Channel design. (yes, the 'green room' bug is now fixed)

If you have not switched over to the One Channel Design yet, you may want to read up on using the "Featured Video" option to show your HOA show here: (for the 'old' channel design).
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#YouTube   #YouTubeTips   #HOAtips   #LiveBroadcasts   #GooglePlusTips   #GooTubePlus   #OneChannel   #OneChannelTips   #VideoMarketingTips   #TheHangoutHelper  
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Excellent tips for Google+
116 Google+ Help Tips!
Where your top G+ questions are answered
1. Whom Should You Circle?:
2. Make use of Google+ tours:
3. Photos:
4.  Save posts, articles and ideas on G+:
5. 3 steps to more privacy on your G+ profile:
6. Actively managing your community membership:
7. How to explore and join Communities:
8. How to send feedback on G+: 
9. Make Your G+ Photos “Auto Awesome”:
10. Automatically share your blog posts to Google+:

11. Ways to use Google+ photo editing:
12. Let hashtags find fun posts for you:
13. Make your Communities happier and healthier:
14. Do More with Your Photos From Auto Backup:
15. Search your own photos ->
16. How to delete your Auto Backup photos ->
17. Google Photos app is one-tap access to your Google+ Photos:
18. How to post publicly, to your circles, or to a community:
19. Share an album with someone not yet on G+:
20. How to restore photos from Trash:

21. How to adjust the mix of posts in your Home stream:
22. Follow your favorite YouTube channel on Google+:
23. Assign a G+ Page Manager:
24. Getting started on Google+:
25. Turning on Auto Backup on Android:
26. Formatting a Google+ Post:
27. Start a scheduled Hangout on Air:
28. Grow your following on G+:
29. Use Q&A in your Hangout:
30. Select your stream based on your circles:

31. Produce your Hangout with Control Room:
32. Article Rendering:
33. See more posts from your favorite communities:
34. Mastering the art of Hangouts on Air:
35. How to leave a Google+ community:
36. How to Get Rid of Junk in Your G+ Home Stream:
37. Seeing Junk in What's Hot?  Clean Up Your Circles!:
38. Why Your Community Posts Might Be Flagged As Spam:
39. Why Are My Private Posts in Google Search Results?:
40. How to Set Your Profile Picture:

41. How to add text to an image already in a G+ album:
42. Ensure Images from Your Website "Full Bleed":
43. To Mute or To Block? That is the Question!:
44. Dealing with Google+ Notification Overload:
45. Why You Can Only Post to One Google+ Community at a Time:
46. Circles, Your Circles, and Extended Circles: How Sharing and Notifications Work:
47. Google+ Tips Collection:
48. What's Hot and Recommended: How Posts Get Selected:
49. Using Photo Sphere on your device:
50. Deleting Business Pages, How "Google feedback" works, Transferring to another Google Account:

51. Public view of profile, Updating page information and Managing circles:
52. Lost in Translation, 2 Many Accounts, Added You Back:
53. Focus on Communities and a Google+ Update:
54. Deleting Google+ Photos, Who Follows You On Google+, Hangout Invitations:
55. Profiles & Pages, Public posts to Communities, Private Communities:
56. Photos, Profile, Custom URL:
57. Frozen Auto Backup, Auto Backup on Multiple Devices, and Changing Cover Photos:
58. Auto-Backup and Page Ownership:
59. Connect G+ page to website, Retrieving deleted pics and videos, Add links to G+ business page:
60. Spam, Stories, Profiles: 

61. Pages and Communities:
62. Page Managers, Duplicate account, Hangouts Help:
63. HOA invites, Autobackup management, YouTube Migration to Brand Page:
64. Communities, Pages, and Photos:
65. Community sharing preferences, reporting spammers and mobile stream not loading:
66. Followers, Cover Banner, Brand Pages:
67. Getting more followers, deleting an old local page:
68. Autobackups, Custom URL’s and +1’s and viewcounts:
69. Pages, Names, and Photos:
70. How To Get Help, Stories privacy, Google+ Page:

71. Photo Privacy, Finding All Your +1s, and Pages Without Profiles:
72. Profile/Page Clarification, Google+ Auto-backup, Circling Limits:
73. Circles, Google maps listing for business, different types of Hangouts:
74. Google+ Posts notification emails , “Avis” tap , Merge G+ local page with G+ business page:
75. Engagement, Photos to albums, Larger images in posts:
76. Creating Community From Mobile, Upgrading To Full Size Auto Backup:
77. Page views, Hoffsome photos, Home page filters:
78. Apps, Extended Circles, and Hashtags:
79. Profile Verification, What’s Hot list, Access Auto Backup photos:
80. Page ownership, Privacy, Personalized URLs:

81. Community Pinned Posts, Preventing Circle Adds, Images in Web Shares:
82. Ignore/Mute a conversation, Commenting on YouTube, Google+ Hashtags:
83. Gmail notices, Circles, and Photo AutoBackUp: 
84. Google Plus pages, Using A Business page to +1 and share from the web, Formatting GPlus posts:
85. Visibility of private posts, Merging profile with Google Apps, Deleting Google Local photos:
86. Public posts, picture tagging, and privacy:
87. Managing Google+ Business Page, Google+ backing up pictures, Transferring Google+ custom URLs:
88. Restore, Backup, and Business:
89. Your Posts and Membership in a Community, Turning Off Community Posts in Profile, Vanity URLs:
90. Contacts, YouTube, and Auto Awesome Movies:  

91. Pages, pages, and more pages:
92. Photos, Videos:  
93. Downloading your photos, Google+ Local Pages, Authorship:
94. Migrating to a new account, Post visibility, Profiles & Pages:
95. Auto Backup, E-mail notification, Change E-mail Account:
96. Custom URL Changes, YouTube Comments Explained, Managing a Business Page:
97. Random People, Cover Photos, That’s My Face:
98. Custom URLs, Photo upload settings: 
99. Images, Blogger Comments, Archived Hangouts: 
100. Names, endorsements, newbies:

101. Community Abandonment, Business Pages,  Notification Exhaustion:  
102. Getting noticed, protecting youth, & photo editing:  
103. Adblock Plus, Google Places, G+ Page/YouTube:
104. Hangouts without webcams, local business listings, and resharing posts:
105. Events, Communities, and Monetization: 
106. Upload videos from Google+ straight into YouTube, Auto Backup of pictures from mobile:    
107. Recover pictures back to my phone or tablet, change the privacy settings on old posts, search the posts for a single community:
108. Post to Circles and to a community at the same time, Who can see my post when I make them Public: 
109. Google+ Support Firefox, What time zone shows up on Events, Can non-Gmail users become G+ users: 
110. Faces, Photos, and Plusses:

111. Notifying circles, Google+ training resources, Finding hangouts, Securing your Google+:    
112. Communitues, Commenting, Hangout Request, and Email Notifications:  
113. Webmasters, Geotags , Notifications , and +1's: 
114. +1 activity posts, Why can’t I post to Communities and Circles/Public at the same time, Why can't I add more people to my circles:  
115. Searching, Filtering, Boxes, and Histories:
116. Photo and video privacy, removing yourself from circles, migrating circles from Profile to Page:

Google+ Resources:
. Google+ Toolbox ->
. Google+ Support:
. Google+ Help 101:
. Google+ Help Community:
. Things you can do on G+ right now:
. Circle +Google+ Help

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #googleplushelp  

My Top/Best Google+'s posts ->
About +Denis Labelle ->     #DenisLabelle  
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How spooky is this!
Animated Photo
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New toggle button available on your Facebook Page allows you to toggle who you are posting as!
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How to add a Featured Admin to your Facebook Page!
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Very interesting hangout to show local businesses especially dentists how to use Google for business.
Since their introduction, Google+ Hangouts on Air have become an amazingly powerful way to reach your audience via live interaction.  HOAs allow us to hold live webinars for both existing and potential patients to answer questions, talk about new procedures we're offering, inform about the newest trends and technologies, even have fun Events!  And after that, the HOAs are placed on your dental practice YouTube channel for future people to watch, be embedded on your website and social media, be included in e-newsletters, and more.  

+Ronnie Bincer  , known as the Hangout Helper, is a coach, master trainer, and Google+ Trusted Tester. Every day he actively empowers entrepreneurs to harness technology and apply it to their own industries. Following his lead, thousands of people worldwide are mastering the use and power of social media, video, broadcast communications, and discoverability online.

+Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales Alex is a communication graduate student, teacher, and I suppose what has come to be known as brand voicer. With an interest in all things communication, Alex has explored Google+ as both herself and the brand SEOWiSE, a brand that has fallen in love with the Google Hangouts technology so much so that we have taken it to a new level. Using third-party technology, Livestream, John Ellis of SEOWiSE has discovered a way to combine the live audience interactivity of Hangouts-On-Air and the production quality of network broadcasting. 

Come learn from 2 top experts on HOAs, to learn how to reach out to your patients more easily than ever before.
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Question for Hangout Guru's ... I'm on a window 8 pc and I'm trying to screen share a powerpoint presentation but it won't do full screen.  Any tips, advice, help - would be appreciated.  Ps powerpoint works fine otherwise!
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Yes, I fell over and broke my leg!!  Its amazing how many people asked did I do it drunk.  NO!!  I was walking the dog.
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