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Entertainment for soul and mind alike

In the words of +Blake Austin whom originally posted about "zero" a long time ago.

Why Watch?

Because it’s one of the most enchanting/remarkable stop-motion short films I've possibly ever seen. It shows how love and the ability to see beauty in the darkest of places allows us to transcend our loneliness and despair and find an authentic connection to our world. The rich textures, sounds, the expressions on the doll's faces, I was captivated. I hope it will touch you in the same way it touched me.~

It's a dark fairytale that takes place in a world where the inhabitants (yarn people) are born into a numerical class system. Faced with constant prejudice and persecution an oppressed "Zero" walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever. Even in the face of hardships (or because of them), a particular "0" can avoid being a negative number and find his/her true worth.~

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