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This restaurant in my honest opinion serves the BEST pizza in Montreal and its surrounding areas. If you are craving real Italian pizza this is the place to go. Yes, the price might be a tad more expensive than elsewhere but what you get for what you pay is phenomenal. You will not regret it.
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Pizzeria Napoletana, What to say about this restaurant. Montreal is a city filled with Italian immigrants who know what good Italian food actually tastes like. This restaurant is conveniently located in a beautiful area in little Italy. Somehow, EVERY DAY there is a line up for this restaurant. Back in the early to mid 2000's this was by far the best pizza/pasta restaurant in Montreal. I used to come here way more often than id like to admit for a nice fresh thin crust pizza. The last few years this restaurant has enjoyed living off of their previous success yet there are still lines of people waiting outside to indulge in mediocre at best pizza and pasta that tastes worse than generic hall food. Pizzeria Napoletana is BY FAR the most overrated restaurant in Quebec. I can confidently say that by being there on multiple occasions throughout the last ten years. They advertise their recent appearance on "You gotta eat here" everywhere in the restaurant. This is nothing but a marketing gimmick. You gotta eat anywhere but here is a more appropriate title. My last visit was with family. My father still somehow believes in this restaurant and insist on the quality of the food. I ordered a plate of farfalle al salmone, one of my favourite pasta dishes of all time. Its a very simple pasta dish made mostly of cream, onions and smoked salmon. They somehow managed to make this dish taste like cardboard. The sauce tasted overcooked and burned whilst the farfalle was not al dente as it should be. My SO ordered a Pizza with goat cheese. Crust was thin and crispy as I like however there was no goat cheese to be found. 3 small dabs of goat cheese the size of a penny were put on the pizza. The first ingredient on the description of this pizza was fucking goat cheese. I then proceed to ask the waiter to add more and received a not a problem sir response. Bill comes in with $3.50 for extra goat cheese which I understand in normal circumstances but do not when there is no mention of said charge before receiving bill. Heres the bottom line. They sell oven ready frozen pizza on location. That should be enough to tell you to avoid this place. They don't give a shit about the quality of their food and most importantly THERE ARE MUCH BETTER PIZZA / PASTA RESTAURANTS ACROSS THE ISLAND OF MONTREAL AND ITS SURROUNDING AREAS. You don't need a tv show that shows up to restaurants who pay them to air episodes to be able to tell you where to eat in this city. Ask a local, we know what good food is. Lastly, to the woman who says she drives all the way from Ontario to eat at Napoletana, I occasionally do the same for Red Lobster. Doesn't say much. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. THEY WILL GIVE YOU SHIT FOOD FOR $$$. Craving pizza? Taglie di Roma. Craving pasta? Literally anywhere else.
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Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
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My favorite airplane lookout in the city. Think of what you've seen on those youtube videos of planes landing right above your head in Saint Martin, now subtract a beautiful beach and add an ugly industrial sector with a billboard slapped right in the middle of a roundabout. Thats Pitfield for you...
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago