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Hum.... that could be me... The Meyers-Briggs labels appear to be pretty popular with the G+ crowd. How has the MB understanding affected your life?
+Becky Cox It's just been a different angle of insight rather than a game changer.
I'm an ENFJ but I don't think it's life-changingly accurate
INTJ too ... I'll wager Google+ has a higher percentage of INTJs than Facebook or Twitter.
+Becky Cox learning our MB types significantly improved my relationship with my husband, and has helped us to see where and how we are miscommunicating. I wouldn't say it changed my life, but it has helped my understanding of people in general.
I am a JFK....what I thought we were naming airports...:-)
Different perspectives weighing in, sweet!

I'm glad to hear it's helping with marital communication +Amy Knepper! That application I could see MB being an awesomely helpful one. A number of times I've heard it can help with communications among office workers...
Sorry the INFJ temperament thing just doesn't have enough letters for differentiation between types! INTJ,ENFP, let's see some SSRP's, XYXO's, AWWS's, and PEEP's. And why restrict to 4 letters? Surely you know an ESPNTWIT?
I was about to go for something community-like, but then I browsed G+ some more and got a gazillion new ideas. As a result I'm on more projects I won't finish than ever. And I suspect +M Sinclair Stevens not to be skilled enough at community building yet to show us where he's at with all that.
INTP in my case fits like a glove and it has helped in my relation too. I wouldn't say it changed my life, but it has changed my life.
+Youssef Hachhouch Possibly, as an introvert, my strengths aren't in community building. Mostly it's my restless intuitive mind that is finding other more interesting things to do at the moment. And I have a big project due May 29th so even my G+ time will have to be curtailed.
I think the point was that between the two of you, +Youssef Hachhouch and +M Sinclair Stevens, there is a strong INTJ/P community already gathering at your posts. At least, that's how I took it. I know I've circled a lot of people I've found through conversations on your posts!
I know I know... when will that sarcasm tag finally arrive? I only want to discuss things when I feel knowledgeable enough about the topic. Otherwise it would just be inefficient. I don't want to take the lead unless unavoidable and same for being in the spotlight. I've only known about MBTI less than 2 months now and of course I can't put aside all other things that interest me. Spread too thin, it's safe to say that I would much rather be a contributor to a more collaborative effort than trying to pull this with too limited resources. I'm secretly still hoping someone else will get this started first. Possibly in collaboration with existing pages that cater to the individual types.
Ahem. Did someone mention INTJ communities? :)
+Steven Spence I agree with that. I have changed my behaviours and boundaries a lot with the benefit of experience.
I bounce between INTJ and INTP on those tests. I think the statement was true when I was younger, but now too much is going on in life. I just do things now. There are many that I don't do well, but I don't have time to secretly practice. Either I do things or I move on, because the opportunity is lost. Theory: this behavior is age/experience driven.
+Amy Knepper Yes. Thanks. That's how I see it, too. We already have a community that has grown organically around our discussions. And there are already places like +INTJ which other people are moderating. So it seems both redundant and time-consuming to set up something else.
To figure it out for myself +Steven Spence, I try to ask myself what I would really truly want to do. When there would be no repercussions or I have all the control over the matter that I want. In this theoretical thought experiment, my personality always shines through effortlessly. So in real life, with age/experience, I just learned to adapt myself to my environment for better results. So much so, that if I were to answer questions/do tests based on my actions, it might sway towards several types. To make things more confusing, in my quest for understanding, I have known periods where I experimented on myself and my surroundings with completely different behavior. Just to figure out what it does, what it is like. Anyone that experienced me then would drop me into an entirely different type.
But that's not who I really am. So the way I see it, I am understanding better and better the strengths and weaknesses of my type, am continuously growing, and am going towards interactions that are not dominated by my type.
+Youssef Hachhouch you make some very good points. Another time when we may shift personality types occurs when we have to fulfill a role, because of a job, a volunteer activity or in a group of friends. That doesn't change to internal, real you. As an example, I'm introverted. I prefer time alone, but in my professional position I have to be outspoken and lead. Also people tell me I mix well when we have meetings, group meals or private get togethers. However it only lasts for so long then I feel worn out and need to withdraw and find a quiet place where I regain energy. Thus just because I'm introverted doesn't mean I can't behave differently and thus appear to have a different personality, but the "real" me definitely is better off alone with a book or with a few close friends in a secluded spot.
+Steven Spence I act similarly at work. I have to push myself to be more sociable and talkative but it ultimately is draining and I have to recharge. I think you are right on about how your true personality type may appear differently (especially for introverts) depending on the role you have to play. Ultimately, it doesn't change who you really are.
Nice to see the discussion that can evolve from a few quick + mentions... still one of the best things on G+ (we had those since mid 2010 in a similar fashion on, sadly now defunct).
+Steven Spence Like you I can be social when I need to be. I think lots of people are under the impression that introverts can't perform socially which is rubbish. The difference is that performing socially takes energy from us whereas extroverts draw energy from interactions.
+Kristie D well said, AND I've always wondered very much in depth how to imagine the "energy thing" at the neurological level. Still don't have a good answer to that...
So funny because I retook this test yesterday, because I had forgotten my score. I am INTP...I here we kill ourselves a lot. ;-(