I thought I might add some thoughts here about travelling...with others.
A lot of people warn against this and we have learned the hard way how wrong things can go, but sometimes it works, so what are the secrets.
Firstly I would say plan where you are going and even if others want to go to the same place then tell them when you will be there & where you are staying, then if they want to join you they can, but don't book together or start the journey together. Head off on your own & meet them along the way. This means if there are any last minute change of plans you are not affected by them or affecting others.
Secondly stress that your timetables are flexible, so it is an approximation only, that way if you find somewhere you love and want to spend more time you can. Also everyone has different stamina levels, so this allows you to travel at your own pace.
Don't share accommodation. It may seem cheaper at the time, but we all need our space and especially if you are a couple you need alone time.
If there are conflicts along the way with people you are travelling with look at where the stress and conflict is coming from, if it can't be easily resolved just go your separate way. Remember this is your holiday and is meant to be enjoyable.
Finally the last piece of advice for this section is stand by your partner, at the end of the day it is he or she that you will be going home with!
I will leave you with an image to remind you of what holidays are for....destressing, peace, relaxation & tranquility.
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