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Sometimes, if I make a breakthrough in my code while writing comments, I'll keep writing my string of thoughts into my code, which usually ends up with something like
@Bug: this won't work because it ...alreadyhasthefieldFUCKYESFUCKYESTOTALLYGOINGTOWORKLETSWRITETHISSHIT

Oh. I usually forget the spacebar too.

You are in +William Shatner's circle too.

Life complete.

Hey look, my profile links to my Google Buzz account. Useful!

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Hi G+ friends. I've been on Facebook for too long and havn't given you any love. Hello!

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Erik Nelson changed his profile photo.

I'm +1'ing everything. Way cooler than 'like'

This...isn't terrible. I'll give ya'll a picture of mah face when i get some time tomorrow :)
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