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Hello everyone, this is our new beta version. please update,
and welcome to join our BETA Test community.
Step - Click this link. and then, choose: become a tester
or, you can give me your email in comment, we will send beta version to you

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Hi, everyone. This is Clean Master Team. Here is a good news for you:
We are going to launch a new version of CM Launcher, which is an Android App we developed used to manage and customize your phone. There are some new functions we added to it, including a whole new Screen Lock, App Lock and Contacts Customization. We are eager to know your thoughts and advice upon it. Come and follow the steps below to become our first user of the newest CM Launcher!
1. First of all, you need to register on the website below to become a formal tester.

2. Then, find CM Launcher on Google Play Store to download it. Or you can just click the website below to open the page.
CM Launcher:

3. Enjoy it. And do remember that we are here for any of your questions and advice. There are two different ways to be in touch with us:
①Send an email anytime you want to
②Find feedback in the app. Long press the screen to open CM Launcher Menu-CM Settings-Feedbacks, or just wait for the system pop up feedback window. 

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Beta Version Released --Contains New Contacts,Smart Locker

Hello friends! We are inviting you to be the tester for CM Launcher beta version. Every tester can experience all new features in advance - such as New contacts, themes, smart locker and so on! Any suggestions and opinions about CM Launcher are welcomed. Please send your feedback to
As the following link and click “become a tester”:

You will get an update with a testing version shortly in Google Play after you apply. You could also leave this testing program at any time in the same page.
Looking forward to your participation and feedback! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our staff will provide your a better service!
Thank you very much.
CM Launcher Team

Hey guys! New section to show off your homescreen! Show us what themes/wallpapers you like and share what apps you keep close to hand !  Enjoy! 

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Want to be our beta tester & talk face-to-face with CM Launcher team? Join CM Launcher Users Online Meetup this Friday:
Location: Beta tester group @Google Hangout  
Time: Friday, August 7th 10am(UTC+8)
How to join:
Leave us a request in the comment with the following information: Country, phone model, email. We’ll add you to beta testers group. 

Hope to see you there!

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Originally shared by ****
Hi, do you want to be our beta tester and help us improve our product? you will have priority to get new version of CM Launcher, and you can contact with our developers and product manager, and so on. If you want to join us, please give me your information.
Phone model:
Add a comment...

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It's ‪#‎CMSelfie‬ time !!
Send us your Selfies and selected photos will be uploaded to CM Club in our App. You will be famous among 50million users worldwide!
How to submit:
1. Like our Facebook page: 
2. Post your Selfies in the comments section of this post.

Come on and show us your best shot!!
CM Launcher
CM Launcher

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Hi, here comes the new beta version.
Hope you can download and try it,if there is any bug, please let us know.
Here is the link to become our Beta Tester
And if you find some bugs,your name will be listed in the Special thanks. 
Come to join us.

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hi, dear. here is cm launcher new version 1.7.6, added 3 new themes, please download and enjoy it.
Hope you can try it and tell us what's your suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to join our beta tester team, you will have priority to get our new version. Click here to be our testers : we are waiting for you
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