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John “Bif” Hammer
I raise kids, study science, play games, and make jokes.
I raise kids, study science, play games, and make jokes.

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I'm impressed how well Stylus interprets my chicken- scratch handwriting.

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Hey friends of mine, allies, humans, dreamers -
My dear mom, amazing human and totally rad inspiration, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It's moving fast, there are still a lot of questions and she hasn't been able to start treatment yet. These are some scary times.

She lives in Canada and has basic medical, so all of her basic treatments are going to be covered and I'm certainly glad for that. As a single woman and independent contractor / business owner, though, she's not going to have an income to pay for the mortgage, bills, or groceries - nevermind organic foods and additional cancer-fighting supplements. Turns out you can't hold presentations while you're undergoing chemo and radiation.

What's a son to do? I have a laughable bank balance. Pretty much all I've got is some imagination, the network of friends I tune into it with, and a bit of crowd-funding know-how thanks to the Monsterhearts Second Skins. Please let these things be enough to help her through this year.

(Do I ever wish that I'd been able to power through the Second Skins by now, believe me. This cancer diagnosis is the final gem on the crown of shit 2013 deposited onto my family.)

Here's the GoFundMe page I made (which makes my mom, Gayle, super uncomfortable. She hates asking for help, though she's always doing crazy shit like giving her fridge away to some young mom pushing a stroller who she overhears asking about fridges in a thrift store. She got another fridge though, eventually. She also hates it when I swear. Sorry, mom.)

My sister and I are at her side, both of our lives allow us some flexibility. Please - tell everyone about this. My mom has been the single biggest inspiration, support, and dream-enabler in my life. Anything that you can do to help her helps me twice over. Please reshare like wildfire.

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.gifs are being my favorite today.

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Sharing partly to save it. This is the coolest.
Would it have killed my Math Teacher to have this Animation Ready when teaching about Radians?
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The radian is the standard unit of angular measure, used in many areas of mathematics. An angle's measurement in radians is numerically equal to the length of a corresponding arc of a unit circle, so one radian is just under 57.3 degrees (when the arc length is equal to the radius)
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That's me, too.

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Cross-posting from the Pathfinder community. I sometimes get carried away with mapping, so it's nice to see quick & dirty approaches I like.
Started using Google Earth, mixed with some Photoshop treatments, to generate quick maps for our Pathfinder campaign. This is somewhere in Ireland. The name of the farm is phony. Shad Barry is real; he was a turn-of-the-century ballplayer.

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My first real LOL in a couple days.

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This is cool if you like maps. So, it's cool. 
12 Maps of America From Before We Knew What It Looked Like

"The island of California. A huge triangle of land called Florida. A great ocean that cut down from the Arctic into the Midwest. As the New World came into focus beginning in the 17th century, explorers and cartographers struggled to measure a massive expanse of land that would take centuries to accurately map.

Take the long-accepted idea that California was actually its own island, popularized by explorers who had seen Baja and assumed the inlet was actually a continuous straight separating present-day Cali from the rest of North America. For a number of reasons—including economic and political ones—the myth stuck around for centuries. In fact, there's even a dedicated collection at Stanford devoted to this geographic non-truth, of which there are at least 800 maps. So what reconnected California to America? In 1747, less than 300 years ago, King Ferdinand VI of Spain cleared up a popular misconception with a royal decree: California, it turned out, wasn't an island after all.

But that's far from the only cartographic myth that wound its way into legend during the age of exploration. Some of these maps were drawn for navigation, others were drawn with hidden agendas—to, say, spur a particular monarch to fund new journeys.

Take a look at 12 below, which include the first to use the name "America" and the first map printed in the new world. And please, add any we've missed in the comments."

More at:

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Why isn't this alternative theory taught in biology class?

I just came across these: They're popular for something called zentangling, I guess.

Anyway, has anyone handled these? I'm evaluating them to use for a set of geomorphs.
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