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Happy New Year! Wishing our readers and friends and authors all the best in 2015.
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Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers, authors, & friends! Thankful for the amazing people who come together to make our community what it is.
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Unfortunately, it looks like the EDF site has been hacked. Our domain has NOT expired. Please don't click any links on the hacker's site!
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And we're fixed! Thank you to our webmaster Steven Smethurst for getting rid of the nasty hacker so quickly!
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Happy Canada Day!
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Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Every Day Publishing!

To celebrate, here's a little gift for your mom and/or for you: get RAYGUN CHRONCLES free with code SPACEMAMA0514 at (expires May 12, 2014 — so get it today!).

Spaceships! Blasters! Adventures on alien planets! Won't your mom (and you) just love it? If you haven't heard about RAYGUN CHRONICLES yet, you can get all the details at ...
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Happy Easter from all of us at Every Day Publishing!
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Happy Easter!
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Have them in circles
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A bit of fun for writers on a Monday night...
How do you see the literary world? How do you interact with other writers? What's important to you? ... Answer these nine questions as honestly as you can to see where you fit in. There are six kinds of writer — which one are you?
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Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Here's a little gift to celebrate: get LIFTING UP VERONICA free w/ code BOOKFORDAD0614 at (expires June 16)
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bite-sized reading for a busy world
Right from the beginning, Every Day Publishing has focused on bite-sized reading for a busy world.
In 2007, Jordan Ellinger, Camille Gooderham Campbell and Steven Smethurst launched Every Day Fiction, one of the first daily online flash fiction magazines, at a time when others were still publishing monthly or quarterly issues.
Other magazines followed: Every Day Poets in 2008, then Flash Fiction Chronicles in 2009.

Ray Gun Revival
was adopted by Every Day Publishing in 2011 after their original publisher moved away from magazines altogether. The magazine went on hiatus in 2012, but in early 2013 Every Day Publishing undertook a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring a selection of RGR's best stories to print along with new space opera stories from pro authors — Raygun Chronicles will be available for purchase in November 2013.
Every Day Publishing has most recently launched Every Day Novels, a new line of serialized novels, on the principle that literally reading together is the logical next step for readers who already share and discuss their reading choices online.
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