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{when you've been kicked out of the Garden}
Imagine Adam and Eve
walking with God in the Garden. Enjoying the cool of the day, talking,
communing, loving and being loved. A perfect intimacy. The Garden reality. Adam
had been created for a purpose, appointed and anointed for his work in the garden. I ...

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{when God [finally] opens the door}
So we have a local hero around here named Nevin Ashley. He
is one of North Knox’s own and has spent ten years in the minor leagues. WHICH
IN ITSELF IS A VERY BIG DEAL. Whether you know him personally or not, if you are a Knox County native, chances are you ...

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{when Jesus weeps}
I remember the exact moment I heard the news. The hot tears
pouring down my face and the confused prayers to a God I couldn’t understand. Sarah, Chad, Nathan, Christopher, little guys who fought
cancer and won eternity, babies lost during pregnancy, a sweet...

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{the space in between}
don’t know how to do this. I
don’t know how to parent a teenager. I don’t know how to move from helicopter
mom to teaching my daughter how to fly. I don’t know how to navigate this space
in between child and adult. Those were the words left on my computer...

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{I was a prisoner and you came to me}
35  For  I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you  gave me drink,  I was a stranger and you welcomed me,   36  I was naked and you clothed me,  I was sick and you  visited me,  I was in prison and you came to me. ’   37  Then the righteous w...

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{when i gave up on my marriage}
I remember the days when I was ready to give up. When it was hard to love you. When it was hard to love me. I remember loud,
violent fights. I remember throwing things and screaming in your face. I
remember slapping you trying to evoke
a response. Such a bi...

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{from mud to mercy}
Today I knelt by a black plastic horse trough filled with
grace from a garden hose. This one whom I had just met a few months ago came toward
me. Her loose fitting jump suit not fitting an occasion such as this, but it is
the only garment she has. No robe o...

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{don't step here}
A few weeks ago I interrupted my kids' summer plans of vegging-out-in-the-air-conditioned-house-alllllll-day by forcing them to come pick wild flowers with me. I was helping with a party for a friend, and with the wild flowers in bloom along every country r...
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