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sunny morning run through the hills of Santa Fe with J. Mascis on the headphones. Not too bad.

One more class this semester. Crazy.

Sunny spring days somehow make me a more efficient writer. Strange.

It's pretty much all about getting to Chicago at this point. But the question is can enough get done before Wednesday to make it seem like a (work) holiday?

Friday afternoon faculty meeting cupcake... sugar crash.

Now things are moving...consider me settled in.

Thank you Stanford grad students, I think I will take an expense paid trip to California in March.

Course evaluations in from last semester...did much better than I expected considering how many students I failed. But I guess they don't come to class. Silly silly system of gaging learning.

Grading while listening to some of the new music that has popped up this year. Anyone have any records they can recommend as their favorites of 2011? I have been pretty lax on keeping up with new releases...
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