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Phil Seyer
Dance Instructor, Author, Software Engineer, New Year's Eve Party Organizer, Stock Trader
Dance Instructor, Author, Software Engineer, New Year's Eve Party Organizer, Stock Trader

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Two huge New Years Eve Parties today!

VIP tickets are still available for Professionals Guild New Year's Eve parties at Hyatt Regency Santa Clara and San Ramon Marriott. But VIP tickets always sell out in advance. So if you want 'em, get 'em now. General Admission tickets are still good and get you admission to all 3party areas -- Band ballroom, DJ or VJ Balloom, and Casino Gaming area. Learn more at

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Magic Momo Superdog -- an AKC Agility champion who has won many blue ribbons, will appear at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara South Bay Professionals Guild New Year's Eve Party on 12/31/2016.

This will be Magic's 3rd New Year's Eve party. She was only 6 months old when she attended her first end of year celebration at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. Here's a video of Momo in training. Notice how she correctly takes 3 jumps at the beginning of her run while be cued at a distance by jump #4!

Tickets for party at 

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I've got a New Year's Eve party in Silicon Valley like you won't believe. No South Bay NYE party can be compared to it. It has everything you could desire! Please check it out and share it.

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Momo loves dog agility and developing obstacle focus, which means she makes up her own mind about taking a jump -- I just guide her toward it. In some cases, I need to really help her avoid an off-course jump.

You can see this in this video where Momo often runs ahead of me, except when I can get ahead of her when she has to weave or go through a tunnel.

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Here are some cool runs by Magic Momo Superdog!

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Here are some pretty good runs by Magic Momo Superdog.

Below is a video showing a couple of pretty good runs by Momo recently. 😂 I used a lot of OMD techniques as well as lessons learned from my local instructor Greg Jung of Zulu's TLC Dog Agility Camp in Concord, California.

Here are some points of interest.

Standard Run

I incorrectly labeled the class of the run as "Expert" when the correct term is "Excellent"
I enter the ring at the designed time so I am ready to walk out when the computers says "Go!"

The Judge checks my hat just when I am ready to give Momo the "Steady, Ready, Action Camera" cue.(Judge thinks I have a camera on my hat, which I do not) Cameras cannot be worn in AKC trials.)

You can't see this, but you can see me putting my hat back on after the check by the judge.
Momo does a great job of waiting patiently in a standing position behind the start line.

Momo takes jumps with mimimal cues on my part due to her obstacle focus training.
Momo handles the weave poles quite independently thanks to Janita's weave pole rumba training technique.

Momo makes a sharp and correct turn after coming out of tunnels thanks to my verbal cue.
I'm targeting Momo's descent from the Dog Walk for improvement to get a fast run down to contacts.

Momo runs ahead of me often, but follows verbal and nonverbal cues to take correct obstacles.

Momo holds table stay really well so I am able to get behind the next obstacle for a K9 Arrow -- also known in OMD circles as a Human Arrow. (I learned it from Janita and also practiced table stay techniques with Greg Jung.)

I use a blind cross after the K9 Arrow.
After the A-frame I use a front cross so I can help Momo avoid the off course jump just before the finish line.

Jumpers Run

Again, I incorrectly call this Expert Class -- It's the Excellent Class.
At the start line I use a consistent routine to help Momo build confidence.

As I leave the start line I give Momo some secret baseball-style hand signals. This gives me a laugh and helps Momo focus on me.

After jump one I do a "lead out pivot" which I think is similar to an OMD false turn.

Momo makes an amazing entry into the weave poles and keeps weaving while I move to the next obstacle. (I use a cha-cha- like sashay step to move to the next obstacle.)

I use a forced front cross to lead the jump after the weave poles.
I stand in one place (pretty much) while leading Momo to do a pinwheel.

After leading Momo into the correct tunnel entry I dash madly toward the next jump while using a verbal cue to Momo to turn left after exiting the tunnel.

I used Janita's LOOK THE DOG technology when Momo came out of the tunnel (looking over my shoulder as I dashed ahead of Momo this time.

I cued a left turn into the next Momo avoided the off couse jump staring her in the Face. The positioning cue and clapping and calling "here, herem tunnel, tunnel, tunnel" helped. Many other dogs did not take this tunnel entry correctly.

At the end of the run I extended my hands in a victory Y just like I did in the walk through. That is, during the walk-though I actually practiced running through the final jump with my arms lifted in in victory. Several spectaors got a good laugh watching me do this. I laughed too and this put me in a good mood. Laughter is the 5th point in my 5 Pont Mental Toughness Program.

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Plans for New Year's in Bay Area?

Two Great Parties

One New Year's Eve Party in the East Bay another
big NYE party is in the South Bay

San Ramon Marriott Hotel (East Bay)
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara (South Bay

Get Tickets at or
Get Tickets at

Party includes scads of rad, cool, awesome kinks:

* Dance up a storm with the House Rockers of Silicon Valley in Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
* In the East Bay at the San Ramon Marriott come and enjoy Nick's Music by the Bay in one ballroom and
The Groove Doctors in another.
* Wolf down 2 free drinks from the bar.
* Scarf up food available for purchase in lounge
* Partake of a Hyatt Surprise when checking in to hotel (if you get the optional hotel stay)
* Enjoy watching and hearing keyboardist Kevin
Koojumian playing smooth jazz.

Hotel deals are available for New Year's. See for details.

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Magic Momo Superdog is powering through AKC trials and is now running Master's Level courses (in AKC Excellent Class) . In the video below, Momo offers tips for improving your dog agility training sessions.

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Check out this video:
Timing of giving out treats is critical with dog agility handling. Once a dog is somewhat experienced, I've found it is better to give treats AFTER a series of obstacles instead of always rewarding immediately after one particular obstacle. Why? because delaying the reward this promotes obstacle focus and independent obstacle handling by the dog herself. You don't want to have to be always running beside your dog, especially when she is doing weave poles.

In the beginning, though, it is good to reward immediately when training handling of a new obstacle.
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