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Google+ isn't dead and these are the people still using it the most!
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Thanks for Your Help
Technically this isn't an update but I wanted to pause and thank all of you here for your time and effort in helping us continue to tune, improve, and update Google+. Your help and support are not only having an impact on the Google+ product and its features, but also on the external perception of Google+ as well. As an example, take a look at Mashable's article today about the new G+:

The recognition of our efforts of the past 14 months means a lot to me and our entire team. So thanks again and here's to more in 2017!
Google's social network still has a large and active following.
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Weaving Linked Data into Texts with WordLift!
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Weaving the Semantic Web with WordLift

My text about +WordLift and the journey it took me on :)

I have been passionately and patiently waiting for a tool like WordLift ever since the piece The Brave New Text ( found me writing.

A tool that would let anyone, with as little technical background and effort add Linked Data to their content.

They call it a WordPress plug-in for online content creators, but I call it a Semantic Web loom :)

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What is WordLift and how it helps me weave my texts into the Semantic Web.
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15 Best Websites To Find Design Freebies & Resources!
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15 Best Websites To Find Design Freebies & Resources -
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Awesome web designs great for inspirations and making a small business web design.

Great collection thanks for sharing.
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SEO on Google+ - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
Via +John Mueller: When using first-click free model, let Googlebot see all of your content without restrictions. It's not cloaking as long as you adhere to the guidelines. #seo (at 2:30 in the video) 
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What? Look at the faces!!
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Graphic Designer Earns $1 Million Selling Fonts and Graphics Online!
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Graphic Designer Earns $1 Million Selling Fonts and Graphics Online
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SEO on Google+ - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
Fifteen Crucial Elements of an Informative SEO Audit!
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15 Crucial Elements of an Informative SEO Audit

An SEO audit is critical to getting your site as prepared as it can be to do well in search. In this guide, Eric Enge, lead co-author of The Art of SEO, shares with you the most crucial elements of an audit.

Read it at
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Google+ ~ All the year's new feature additions, fixes, and updates!
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Over a Year of New Web Features
With today's announcement ( of our upcoming transition to the new Google+ Web experience, I thought it would be useful to share all the feature additions, fixes, and updates we’ve made thanks to your feedback over the past fourteen months:

Home Stream
* Ability to reply to comments in the stream
* +1 comments with one click
* Turn animated comments (as seen on all streams) on/off
* Extra fast Web page loading with AMP
* New presentation for original comments on re-shared posts
* Real-time indicator of when there's new posts
* Auto-play of animated GIFs (with setting to turn on/off)
* 3 column stream view for very wide screens
* Quick action to view full post pages
* Hover over user images for more info about people
* "What You Missed" posts in your Home stream
* Full timestamp on post pages
* View poll results from the post menu
* No limits on circle streams in menu
* Volume control for Recommended & Trending posts
* Recommended & Trending ranking improvements
* Recommended Community & Collections improvements
* Ability to scroll Community & Collections recommendations

* Drag & drop images to make new posts & comments
* Ability to create polls
* Ability to crop photos in polls
* Upload multiple images at once to a post
* Ability to re-order multiple images using drag & drop
* Warning to ensure you don't lose new posts
* View map for images with location
* Multiple improvements to +mentions

* New "Hold Posts for Review" setting
* Search for members in a Community
* Search for posts within a Community
* New simpler invite to Community feature
* Visible about information for Communities
* Links to categories on Community pages
* New Community content controls
* Community owner & moderator badges on comments
* Possible for owners to delete communities
* Possible for owners & moderators to leave communities
* View most recently visited Communities
* Create new posts inside Communities

* Easily move any of your posts into a Collection
* Improved Collection sharing
* Ability to create a Collection when making a post
* When following a Collection, see related Collections
* Related Collections on post pages
* Follower counts visible on your Collections

* Ability to get Google+ notifications in Chrome browser
* Mark all notifications as read
* Mark individual notifications as read
* Updated notifications in the header
* New full-screen notifications page
* Filter notifications by All, Unread, & Other Updates
* Thumbnails & icons to help scan notifications
* The new Google+ Activity Log
* Pinned posts on Collections, Communities, and Profiles

* Easier access to profile information
* Full "About" information on profiles
* Edit your introduction in About Me
* See large profile images in a gallery view
* New Following screen design
* View 'Posts from Circle' from the Following screen

* Personalized search autocomplete suggestions
* Improved people search results
* Improved Community search results
* More topical results for Collections & Communities
* Search history

Spam & Abuse
* Additional details when reporting abuse on posts
* Approve or reject comments we (G+) flag as spam
* Remove suspended users from Community member lists
* Community “Strict” content control setting
* Community "Hold Posts for Review" setting
* Review & reinstate comments we flag as spam

Some of you might rightly recognize that items on this list were present in Google+ Classic but were added to the new Web preview over the past fourteen months. Why? We completely re-wrote the Google+ Web app from scratch. Rather than rebuild every nook and cranny that developed over the five year history of Google+, we started with a clean slate of the features people used the most (based on our data & research). We then released this preview version to collect feedback and find out what people missed the most of what we left out.

Not every feature/setting has returned but we have been continuously listening and making updates (as seen above). And we’ll continue doing so. To make your voice heard, please send us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item. Thanks~
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People do business with people they connect with, so start #marketing a #business #brand that speaks your client's language
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SEO on Google+ - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
Eight Predictions for SEO in 2017!
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8 Predictions for SEO in 2017

#1: Data will reveal Google organic results to have <70% CTR
#2: Mobile will barely cut in to desktop's usage and its growth rate in developed countries will slow
#3: Twitter will figure out how to grow again
#4: Social content engines will become a force
#5: Yext will IPO, prompting even more interest in the world of local listings
#6: The death of normal distributions will hit both publishing and search results hard
#7: The rise of adblocking is going to trigger attempts at legislation and incite more sites to restrict adblocking users
#8: DuckDuckGo will be the fastest-growing search engine of 2016

Read more on here:

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Five Ways to Develop Social Influence For Business Growth!
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Being a social #influencer can have a great impact on your #business growth if developed well. Here's my 5 #marketing strategies:
Developing social influence means people recognise you as a leader within your industry. These people will be in your business networks - online and offline - and know what you do professionally the
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