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Google+ Organic Growth Tipping Point Insights and Tips!
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Tools To Help Find Fans For Your Brand Page
I manage several brand pages and have observed many others; I am convinced that there is a "tipping point" that you need to achieve before your page will begin growing organically. I also believe that this "tipping point" cannot be achieved (or at least would be much more difficult to achieve) by following people at random or simply by being included in shared circles. While your follower counts may increase, long term success depends upon increased engagement so that your posts will extend beyond your followers via plus ones and reshares to help attract new followers. Until that happens, you need to actively identify and follow potential fans, as well as unfollow those that are not actively engaging with your brand.

cc: +CircleCount +Circloscope +NOD3x +Steady Demand 

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Building a following for a brand page on Google + is not easy - and building a following that is targeted, interested and engaged in your brand, product or service may seem next to impossible; however, there are tools that ca...
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Content Marketing Tips!
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Content Smorgasbord: Top Examples of ‘Snackable’ Content
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Sorry to break it to you... but we are officially attention deficient.

What cut it a decade ago in marketing world just doesn't cut it anymore, unless of course your consumer is a goldfish.

According to a research, 14 years ago human's average attention span was 12 seconds, and in 2013 it fell down to 8 seconds, while a goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds.

Which means, our brains make a decision in just 8 seconds whether to stay focused, or skip and relocate to a new topic.

So make your marketing strategy bitesized or be left behind.

Take a look at this infographic by eloqua delineating why your marketing content should be digestible in a lunch-break.

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Sources: &
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Glad you liked it +Kristian Stock.
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5 Ways To Unlock The Benefits Of Semantic Search - "...With Hummingbird, Google is moving further along its trajectory of becoming the “Star Trek Computer,” or at least a very powerful answer engine. But how can you make sure you’re reaping the benefits of all semantic search has to offer?" ...Read more:
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Search is changing. It is now more personal, more engaging, more interactive and more predictive. SERPs no longer display just 10 blue links — they have become more useful and more visually appealing across all device types. Semantic search is at the forefront of these changes, as evidenced most recently by the launch of Google’s […]
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How To Score Your Website's SEO Quick!
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How to Score Your Website’s SEO in 10 Minutes or Less 

Many digital marketers know a lot of details about SEO, but they have trouble with the big picture.
One of the most important skills you can develop is getting a quick snapshot of a website’s SEO. All it takes is ten minutes. And you don’t need any expensive tools.
You can use this step-by-step process to determine your own website’s health, to find out how your competitors are doing, and to discover what needs to be done to improve your SEO.
What I’m going to show you here is a broad overview process. This doesn’t get into the nitty-gritty of a full SEO analysis, nor does it explore offsite SEO in a detailed way. The goal is quick-and-dirty pulse-taking.Here’s the process:

  *Step 1:  Find out the domain authority
 *Step 2:  Determine the site load time
 *Step 3:  Check for a sitemap
 *Step 4:  Check the robots.txt
 *Step 5:  Check for meta content
 *Step 6:  Check for H-tags
 *Step 7:  Check for onsite content
 *Step 8:  Test keywords. #SEO #website’s #google #Keywords

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Google Search & SEO Infographic!
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Have them in circles
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Google+ Update: Now more important to write nice title to any posts you share!
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In what might appear to be a minor update at first, Google+ has added additional detail to the internal notifications pane. Could this be a nice upgrade for businesses?
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Crafting SEO-Friendly Social Media Posts [Infographic]
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Stumped on how get the most out of your posts? Check out this handy infographic for what types of posts work best, and at what time.
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Lobbying, Google & Search!
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How Does Google Maintain Its Search Monopoly w/o Govt Interference?

They've become the US' 2nd largest lobbying spender:

The visual below is taken from +Washington Post's impressive interactive line chart showing the big players in the lobbying world. It's a sad reality in the US, but our system enables organizations with money to buy influence and laws fairly directly (I realize this is a strange concept outside the US).
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How To Become A Google+ Wizard [Infographic]
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How to Become a Google+ Wizard [INFOGRAPHIC]
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We've all heard the sentiments that GooglePlus is a ghost town and that the social platform's audience is artificially inflated by Google, but a new +Forrester Research study [1] reveals marketers and brands are crazy to ignore it.

Forrester team's research, shows that 22 percent of U.S. online adults use Google+ on a monthly basis, and that Google+ posts generate nearly as much engagement per user as their Facebook posts.

So, if you are not using Google+ in your marketing mix, it's time to start.

In case you are not sure how to use G+ effectively, the following infographic from Gryffin Media will help you in becoming a Plus wizard.

A key takeaway from visual:

"Google is using Plus to incorporate social signals into their search results ranking algorithm. This means your profile, posts, plusones and re-shares will all be incorporated into future rankings."

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H/t: +Marcela De Vivo


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I like it. Google + is worth mastering.
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Grow Your Business Online [Infographic]
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Infographic – The Complete Walk-Through to Grow Your Business Online #seo   #seoservicescompanies  
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