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Balance is hard
I haven't posted since I finished the second short story on Thursday,
so I thought a brief update was in order before we resume our regularly
scheduled programming. My Friday and
Saturday were spent with friends who I hadn't seen in a while. The past
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Class today, then homework, then a nap, because I didn't sleep well
last night. Woke up, had dinner, watched some television, and got to
writing around 10:30. Wrote for an hour and
a half and finished short story #2. There are minimal edits to be made.
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Woke up with a mild hangover this morning, which was to be expected. I
started the day drinking plenty of water and catching up on some
Netflix before I transitioned to homework. After I ate some lunch, I was
feeling fine, if a bit tired. Getting old suc...
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Taking the night off from everything, except getting a buzz on with
my best friend, 'cause sometimes you just need to say fuck it. Word Counts unchanged. See ya tomorrow.
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Did the work thing all day, during which I read the play, Doubt, by
John Patrick Shanley. Solid piece of writing, readable in under an
hour, and I enjoyed it. Not a feel good piece, not at all, as it deals
with sexual abuse by a priest, but the writing i...
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I finished catching up on sleep today, staying in bed til noon. I
felt more refreshed than I have in a month when I finally got up, and
was pleasantly surprised to see it was a beautiful day, nearly 70
degrees and sunny. With nothing planned
today but f...
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Got up this morning, went to work for half a day, got out, came home,
had lunch, and immediately fell asleep for 4+ hours. I thought I'd take
a short nap, but apparently my body had other ideas. I've been
complaining about being tired all week, so I gues...
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Man, I'm tired this week. It must be a combination of doing the
writing every night, which is fun but draining, and of catching up on
sleep. Now that I've given into it, my body just seems to want more. Still,
I managed to get through the day job today. ...
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