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Husband, Father, Gamer

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I don't post often, but when I do it's usually around the time of the Reno Balloon Races.
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Tip: Endeavor to avoid unnecessarily over-complicating tasks that you seek to resolve favorably and accurately while minimizing time invested.

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What are the Community names for the islands? Is there a forum thread that has the info?  I've been trying to play without spoiling any of the discovery aspect.  I think I'm willing to make a concession on the Islands however because the game world is large enough that saying a particular feature is on a specific island will get the wanderer started without spoiling the fun of finding the feature themselves.

In this vein, are their plans for a Compass?  Not sure why, but I personally think of the Dryad island as being on the South end of the world and the floating island being off to the north.

Right now I think of the Islands as:
 "Where I started"(Dryad Island, thanks Penny for the correction!)
"Floating Island"
"Island under Floating Island"
"Island on the left with Big Structure"
"Island to the right"

As you can tell I need a more effective naming scheme.

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A new addition to Dryad Island.

Corrected, thanks Penny. 

Made my first foray into Wander this afternoon.

I've done almost no reading and have only one watched the initial video from +Delyth Angharad. So I know that there are different forms and that you have to find them.

I managed to find the elf form after rock climbing up the boulders behind it. I would suggest not following my example and avoid vertical ascents as an Ent.

I also managed to get the webbed-footed lizard form. While the controls feel a little rigid at the moment, I am looking forward to exploring this world. It is nice to have a game that is intriguing that I can play in front of the kids. 

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Awesome chart for Myers-Briggs.

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And now we wait. 

I find it especially annoying that Google Plus offers to upload photos from my library when I open the app. I wish disabling the auto upload meant don't offer to upload photos ever. 

Don't tell anyone that thought the world was going to end on 12.21.12 - I just checked and 13.13.13 falls on a FRIDAY!
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