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Ugly Christmas Sweaters
Hello everyone! Some Threadless designs I made are up for voting. They're all for the ugly Christmas Sweater competition: Also, I had a great weekend with my brother & cousin playing some games from our childhood, visiting Ypres and just having fun together...

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Pairi Daiza
I went to Pairi Daiza with my family (parents, sister&boyfriend, brother& wife, me&fiancé) It was a really nice, blessed day. I really enjoyed it, there is something about animals that just keeps fascinating me. Sometimes I think, hey, great job God (hope t...

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Louvre drawings
Went to Paris and visited the Louvre. Drew a bit: Powered by Cincopa Slideshow HTML for Business solution. Louvre My drawings at the Louvre museum in Paris, France originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM height 800 width 583 orientation 1 camerasoftware Adobe Phot...

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Stop-Motion video
So, I made this stop-motion video for my cousin's wedding. Enjoy! Les Aventures de Corentin & Audrey: Le Mariage! from Sem Brys on Vimeo . For the wedding of my cousin! Also, I participated in the World Art Drop Day (first Tuesday of September). You can che...

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Stickerbomb 3
A while ago there was a call for submissions for  Stickerbomb 3 . Artists all over the world could send in their designs, and if any of your designs got selected they would be printed as a sticker in the book. I sent in three pixel-art designs, and they all...

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Sketches from March & April
Here are some sketches I made in March and April. Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting Platform for Business solution. New Gallery 2016/5/22 originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AM height 800 width 1098 orientation 1 camerasoftware Adobe Photoshop CS6 originaldate 1/1...

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Couldn't get this out of my head, so I just had to make it. Feel free to vote on it, I'll upload it to my Artist Shop anyway when the voting period is over. Also, feeling very blessed lately :)

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Collaboration design
I participated in a collaborative design, with 31 other artists. The theme was robots and if this gets printed all profit will go to charity . I made 6 robots, can you spot them? Also, I discovered this blog called Zenpencils . It has really interesting stu...

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Threadless Artist Shop
My Threadless Artist Shop is online! Now, you may ask yourself, what exactly is a 'Threadless Artist Shop'?  Well, let me explain: it's like an online t-shirt shop, where I as an artist can sell my designs, where you as a customer can buy them and where Thr...

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Gotta catch 'em all!
Made 2 designs for the Misheard Lyrics challenge on Threadless: Same idea but more of a Pokémon battle version. Also, I discovered a free-to-play turn based strategy cardgame with cool pixel art, check it out on:
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