Best guitar player in each technique: what´s your pick?
a fine topic for the first day of 2012: who is the greatest of all times and in which technique
We got a small discussion going because I shared a recording of Deep Purple´s Smoke on the water with Steve Morse as lead guitarist in which he played all the famous guitar riffs in the intro. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water and Steve Morse Guitar Solo (Live 2005)

That led to +Anton Theunissen sharing the attached recording of Guthrie Govan playing a piece in which he uses and demonstrates all possible guitar playing styles while you see the photos of the masters of each technique.
The accompanying text on YouTube gives a list of the 2005 list of best players as chosen by the UK magazine Guitar Techniques:

Best chord voicings - Eric Johnson
Best use of capo - James Taylor
Best strumming - Pete Townsend
Best use of E-Bow or sustaining device - The Edge
Best vibrato - BB King
Best string bending - David Gilmour
Best finger picking - Mark Knopfler
Best hybrid picking - Albert Lee
Best tapping - Eddie Van Halen
Best palm muting - Al Di Meola
Best sweep picking - Yngwie
Best speed, Best alternate picking, Best string skipping - Paul Gilbert
Best pinched harmonics - Zakk Wylde
Best use of an effect - Tom Morello
Best legato - Satch
Best fretting hand reach, Best use of harmonics - Steve Vai
Best use of slide - Sonny Landreth
Best feel - Jeff Beck
Best timing - John Scofield
Most creative/experimental player, Best use of whammy bar, Overall winner - Jimi.

I would like to know if there are any guitar heroes on G+ and what your pick would be. You don´t need to propose a candidate for each category, if you just want to plug your favorite guitarist of all times fine with me. It has been debated to death but if you accompany your text with a link to a recording we will all have some fun and hopefully learn something.

Maybe +Joe Satriani is willing to chime in: he could actually tell us from experience! And possibly someone can enlighten us on the different techniques although the attached recording really helps.
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