Out of the box into a circle: change your G+ world!
The pegs and the holes, the ones who think different, the people who will change your G+ world

A careful selection on relevance, great posts, contributions to debate, original thought and stunning images. If you follow this circle of 200, G+ will never be boring and you are in for a stream of thoughts and beauty.

The familiar faces show up, but it contains a large number of hidden gems if you dig deeper.

As a circle needs a name: "Think different: the interaction circle" will do very well.

Update: The most interesting part is that the circle is part of some experiments: one of them is the daily update. A way to ´subscribe´ to a circle by reading all the post at your leisure. Every day you will see the complete collection on this url:

On a dull Saturday this circle managed to create 780 posts and generate 7093 comments, 4842 reshares and 16074 +1's. Check it on a week day and that page will be living proof that G+ is not dead at all. This circle alone generates more posts and comments than you can possibly read on a day. Oh yes, that´s why it´s called the interaction circle ;)
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