Search tool for comments: what Google can´t offer you is now available!
If you are one of the people who do more than post ´wow´ you will want to find back your comments. After all that´s were you really engage on G+ and where you share your thoughts, ideas and insights.

If you´re one of the real engagers here who spend most of the time reacting on other people´s posts instead of getting out the obligatory five link dumps a day, you will know the feeling the next morning if you can´t find these great threads

If you would like to reread that interesting thread and the contributions you made you are currently at the mercy of other people. If they post again you will get a notification. If you happen to see it, fine, if you missed it or you were the one killing the thread with your deep insight you can´t even check if it really was that great the next morning :)

Google´s search is extremely limited and finding your own comments, even if you remember some keywords, is almost impossible. Ridiculous for the masters of search and the wardens of the googolplex, but a reality.

Luckily a third party developer filled that gaping hole in the G+ functionality. From now on you can check all your own comments. Click the link below to see my close to 5000 comments, but notice that you can easily change it to your own profile by replacing the number with your Google Id.

I used it for a few minutes and already I wonder why this wasn´t part of everyone´s profile. This simple tool will enrich G+ as it stimulates debates and prevents the ´sudden death´ of a topic due to a lack of new comments.

Use of this Topsy service will make G+ come alive again as suddenly comments are a true part of your experience here and you will never again wake up with that ghastly feeling that you spend ages commenting just to end up in a misplaced digital bin.

Oh, and don´t forget that´s an excellent tool to check out other people!
Engagement and interaction of plussers suddenly became an open book

Check it here

(thanks +Alex Schleber for the tip!)
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