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modern classical and experimental music
modern classical and experimental music

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New Music on Audio Log - - Ask Not - - at - - based on the legendarily words of JFK

A Polyphonic Transcription of the words - - Ask Not - - with an explanation of the background of this new song on at

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New Sound - Koos koos in Vijf - a Polyphonic Transcription from spoken words to music now on Audio Log

First step: a recording of the voice of Marieke declaiming a poem by Erik Sok
Second step: Polyphonic Transcription to MIDI
Third step: enhance the MIDI to a 4 voices harmony
Fourth step: 4 instruments in Cubase mixing with the original spoken words

available for listening on Audio Log - please go there to give it a listen

#experimental #music #modernclassical #PolyphonicTranscription #MIDI #Cubase #computermusician #ErikSok

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The Pré-Internet area - - when did that end?
more about this piece of history on today's blogpost at DailyM

#pre-internet #internet #dailym #history

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International Hemispheric Collaboration – – we’ve got it working
+Jimmythe Peach and i made that connection today - - a new chapter in our collaboration projects
#cubase 9 #collaboration #poetry #noise #audio

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what i like - - -

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what will the coming days brings us? - - it is a kind of bokeh to look into the future right now - - -
have a look at 10 images on today's blogpost in

#bokeh #christmas #10times #photography

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finally we have made our websites safe to visit - we have a Green Lock on both and Audio Log

a combination of Let's Encrypt and AWS Certificate make our weblogs safe to visit - and both certificates are free of charge - have a read on today's blogpost on DailyM at

#SSLTLS #Let's_Encrypt #AWS_Certificate #DailyM #AudioLog
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