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Charles Anderson
Husband to Julie, father of Luke; software engineer.
Husband to Julie, father of Luke; software engineer.
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A programmer wonders about living inside someone else's program
I've been thinking a lot lately again about Nick Bostrom's Simulation Argument —the one that reasons that we're living inside a computer simulation. If you want a proper description of the argument, follow the link. However, if you're happy to accept my abb...

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Unexpectedly Loving Folk Music
Last week I went to a wonderful concert at the National Centre for Early Music , happily for me located in York. I've been to many types of concert there over the years, from Jazz to Klezmer through Classical, but I don't think I'd ever attempted English Fo...

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In the Region of the Summer Stars Again
A week or two ago I went to hear The Enid in concert. This wonderful prog rock band are on their 40th anniversary tour, which explains how it can be that I last heard them in 1981. That was in the Reading Hexagon, and I also saw them a couple of years befor...

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Why npm install Stopped Working
A public service blog post, this time. I recently found that npm install had stopped working on my computer. When you typed an install command, all you saw was the spinning cursor, though it had definitely worked the month before. I managed to track the rea...

Just upgraded Skype on my PC. If I hadn't paid attention I would also have found myself changing my default search engine to Bing and my home page to MSN. On all the web browsers.

This sort of crap happens so often you start forgetting why it's so outrageous. The only rationale for this is that Skype is owned by Microsoft. The chance of me wanting to use Microsoft for my search engine and home page, but not having already changed to them myself, is negligible. Far, far smaller than the chance of doing it inadvertently while upgrading a completely different product.

And while I'm on a rant, why is it so hard to close Skype on a PC?

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African mosaic
Using almost 7000 images captured by the Sentinel-2A satellite, this mosaic offers a cloud-free view of the African continent – about 20% of the total land area in the world. The majority of these separate images were taken between December 2015 and April 2016, totalling 32 TB of data. Thanks to Sentinel-2A’s 290 km-wide swath and 10-day revisit at the equator, the chance of imaging Earth’s surface when the skies are clear is relatively high. Nevertheless, being able to capture the Tropics cloud-free over the five months is remarkable.

Image & Info via ESA

#esa   #space   #Sentinel   #africa  

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My Thoughts on the European Referendum
Among all the noise and fear-mongering coming from both sides in the Great European Debate at the moment, I thought I'd chuck in a few thoughts and conclusions of my own. First, some facts. If we leave the EU, we cannot possibly end up with better access to...

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Just trying out the noise generator in our office. I've got it set to train sounds, and it's surprisingly effective. It's shut out the office chatter, and I barely notice the dedum-dedum noises anymore. Strangely though I'm sure I can smell that brake oil scent you get on trains.

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A lesson in beer drinking
It's been months since my last post, and the title of this blog is starting to feel less and less appropriate. Maybe I need to change it to The Right Side of 60 while there's still time. Two nights ago I opened a bottle of 8.1% strength beer. I won't mentio...

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A challenge from Duo:

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