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Brian Richards
Designer, Photographer, Missionary. Also, I created
Designer, Photographer, Missionary. Also, I created

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Beautiful hosting site, with a beautiful and practical registration form. Check 'em out!
LAUNCHED: Check out We finally launched the Canvas Hosting website - take a peek and tell your friends. What do you think?

Just learned about Open-Source Farm Tech, check it out!… and

Goodnight, world! It has been a long week of go-go-go. Time for a weekend of rest-rest-rest.

Man, first time back to Google+ since Sunday. Forgot how neat and new it is around here. Hello to everyone who has added me in the past week :)

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Had a friend ask me to retouch an old portrait of his parents this weekend. Spent about an half-hour on it while watching a movie. Took out dust and scratches, re-shaped the light, removed the clutter, and corrected the color. Ta-da!

Welcome to the party, +Chris Jean !

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Very awesome.
A cool little bit of music made by MUTEMATH via video editing.

Been retooling little bits of StartBox code today and working on some tutorials. One is over 1200 words long, not counting code!

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Endangered monkey steals camera, makes self portraits, full of win. (h/t +*****)
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