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Tassie Geminid

Good luck to everyone viewing the Geminids tonight. I had my camera running last night on the east coast of Tasmania and caught a nice little Geminid fireball just after midnight. Clouded out tonight.
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nice pic colin. pretty much a wipeout weather wise here. going to be up at heathcote saturday night but will need luck to see anything and we don't have a view like that either!
Wow! +Colin Legg may I use this on my blog? I'd love to just put it up with a short description (linking to you of course) and telling people to link to their own shots. Could you give me the specs of the shot (exposure, where you where, and so on)? Thanks!
Thanks +Philip Plait . Yes, no probs. Shot taken at 12.45 am on 13 Dec AEDT, at Freycinet peninsular, Tasmania, Australia. Shot settings - ISO 3200, f/2.8, 30s, 20mm.
+Phil Hart . Same here Phil. Same cloud system down here. I may see stars again on Sunday :\
Do you have higher resolution versions of your photos available anywhere?  I'd love to use this or the Nullarbor Fire image as a desktop background.
+Brian Cohen , I'll have some larger versions up on my website in a month or so. Thanks for asking :)
Hi Colin
We saw some pretty great Geminids in Kangaroo Island in Australia in Dec 2011. We are now thinking of going to Tasmania this Dec 2013 for a holiday and would like to plan for a stay in a place on 13 Dec where we can catch another great Geminids shower. Besides Freycinet, where would you recommend we go? How about Cradle Mountain? Thanks for your advice. We are new to astronomy but my sons loved the Geminids!
Hi Joyce, 

I'm from WA, so don't know Tas that well. Cradle is lovely, but it's often cloudy with unpredictable weather. I would guess east coast is best, weather wise. Maybe try the bay of fires? North east coast is optimal, because Gemini is a northern constellation, so further north will mean more meteors.

If you're on Facebook, follow the Tasmania Aurora group. They shoot night shots + aurora all over Tas with amazing results. You should also think aurora when you are down there.

Good luck.

Thanks for sharing this info, Colin. The Tasmania Aurora group has a great FB page - I just checked it out. Hope to see these wonderful phenomena in Tasmania!
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