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Nobilangelo Ceramalus

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Shattered, gutted and shocked beyond words, the despondent group of men and women clung to each other for comfort and reassurance. Their sobs and despair filled the gloomy room - New Zealand Herald
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Nobilangelo Ceramalus

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For book-lovers a good site and a welcome sight:

My little corner of it is at: 
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Understood. Still nice to see ya around here. Take care! 
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Nobilangelo Ceramalus

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Veil of Tears
A movie about the oppressed women of India. And the hope and restoration being brought.
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Nobilangelo Ceramalus

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This diamond app is well worth breaking silence for... 

It is infinitely configurable. You have control instead of some anonymous algorithm that thinks it knows better than you do, and is buried in bugs.

In short, you can rid yourselves forever of Google's buggy rubbish.
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Well hello +Nobilangelo Ceramalus
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Right, that's it. I have had a gutsful of being bullied about by control-freak, incompetent, design-challenged prats who are just as bad as the thugs over at Facebully.


And I have far more interesting things to do.

I shall miss the many good people I have met, but the changes foisted on us today are the last straw. I can no longer endure the rising level of hubris that drives the makers of G+.
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yes is true i will be happy
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Nobilangelo Ceramalus

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Life, wisdom (and a company director)
Basic Information
Born-again Christian; thinker; romantic; slightly witty.
I live and work on wonderful Waiheke Island, New Zealand. My name, Nobilangelo Ceramalus, is pronounced noble-arn-jillo kerra-mar-liss (in case you were wondering). And Waiheke is pronounced wy-hek-ee (in case ditto).
Waiheke Island is off the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, 21.5 kilometres and 35 minutes by fast ferry from our biggest city, Auckland (which is about a third of the way down the North Island).

Waiheke is only 23km west to east, and 12km north to south. It has a permanent population of only 8000 (which is said to swell to 30,000-40,000 at holiday peaks). It is a very special place to live, a village-rural community, beautiful and quiet, far from the madding crowd of big-city Auckland but with all its benefits only 35 minutes away by ferry, and in emergencies only 6 minutes away by helicopter ambulance from Auckland Hospital.

I am a born-again Christian, which means that my faith in Jesus Christ, God's Son, is the bedrock and mainspring of my life. Yes, God does exist. We can have a personal, moment-by-moment relationship with him; we can be part of his family through the way he provided: Jesus Christ.

I hate pornography and foul language--everything evil, anything that denigrates God and man, anything not true. I love good writing and careful speaking. 'A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.' --Proverbs 25:11 (the Book of Proverbs in the Bible).
I was born, bred and educated in New Zealand, except for an international systems-engineer's course in San Antonio, Texas. I also spent a short time in London. I am a thinker with a very practical turn of mind, a scientist with a particular interest in planet-friendly energy and neuroscience, an engineer (mechanical, industrial and IT systems), an inventor, a Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a writer and poet, a designer in different fields, a multi-award-winning IT journalist, a naturist, an arranger and composer of symphonic music, a photographer, and a practitioner at various times in other hands-on fields, including building, metalwork, woodwork, stained-glass and landscaping.

There is other information about me, or the same information in different words, in my profile in my blogs. The easiest blog to get to is of course http://nobilangelo.​​ an occasional personal journal, which was only set up on May 2011--initially just to reserve the name at <a href=>​​Google's wonderful Blogger.</a>

I also have a number of other blogs. The main one, which has more posts than any other, is called EStar, the blog for my company, EStarFuture. Its blog is of course http://estarfuture.​​

The most important page (I think) at is www.​​ which outlines an advanced, innovative electric car that I designed. But the modest amount of capital to build it is lacking. Angel investors who care passionately about the planet (if you exist), please contact me...

I am richly blessed to have a 3475-square-metre forest property that doubles as dwelling and company headquarters. Not far to go to work :-) And a very relaxing place to live, to be, to work.

I used to have a Facebook page (Facebully?), but I loathe that site, and deleted it. I much prefer Google+. It is far superior. To delete Facebook for ever (just deactivating it doesn't work):
Bragging rights
THE MAJOR ITEM: Became a born-again Christian relatively early in life. MINOR STUFF: In 1983 I had the New Zealand rights to the British forerunner of the Internet (a British Telecom joint-venture), and developed a matrix search-engine and all associated host software, which I had running and demonstrated in 1984 (14 years ahead of Google). Then the New Zealand Post Office refused to let it happen. It even turned down the electronic telephone directory and Yellowtronic Pages that was part of my system. But along the way I forced the NZPO to allow private hardware to be connected to the public telephone network, which opened the way to every technology that has used that since. In 1987 I won a special national award for Investigative IT Journalism. In 1989 I was one of the three finalists in the same annual IT journalism awards for both Best News Story and Best Investigative Story, and I won the top prize, Best Journalist. In 2003-2004 I developed a five-year programme to shift New Zealand entirely off oil and coal, to hydro-electric generation and solar co-generation. The plan included developing and mass-producing an advanced electric car. I presented the whole package to the government from 2004 onwards--but was referred to State Coal!!! I was voted on to the Waiheke Community Board in New Zealand's 2007 Local Body elections (my first shot at elected public office).
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Waiheke Island, New Zealand
North Shore, New Zealand - Auckland, New Zealand - Wellington, New Zealand - Dunedin, New Zealand - Hamilton, New Zealand - Upper Hutt, New Zealand - Auckland, New Zealand
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