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Developer, Designer, and Musician
Developer, Designer, and Musician


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Which window manager are you using on your LXQt setup ?
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Mutter or Muffin or Compiz
Other (tell us in comments)

Hi all !

Just noticed we are now 300 members on the QML community !
Nice acheivement, when everyone says that G+ is a no-man-land and QML is not really used by developers !

Let's go on popularizing it to the crowds, dear fellows !

One langage to rule them all ;-)

Hi all the QML fellows !
Today we reached 200 members on this community page !!!
This is REALLY a huge achievement given the relatively small amout of QML developer out in the wild.
I'm proud of you all, and hope we get higher soon.
Have a good day.

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Hi all !
My serial coder frenesy has hit one more time :-)
Bored of the public profile appearance on LinkedIn, and by the fact there is no mobile website for it, I did a small client for LinkedIn, to search and view profiles in a nice way.

Enjoy !

Code is on gitorious :
Below is the mandatory screenshot :

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Hi !
Today, ICS publishes a good article for explaining a multi-layer (understand : C++ and QML) designed app.
Good read !

HI all !
Today another milestone was reached, kind of...
As 500 or 1000 members is still far, I decided to mark this milestone anyway : today, we are 150 !
Not huge, but a nice achievement still.
Heading up to 200, and then 300 (you know, Sparta thing...), 400, 500...

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UPDATE : I enhanced my 'NiceButton' from the previous post :
- added a kind of halo around the button
- added drop shadow + offset for better click effect

Code :

here is a preview of normal / pressed states :

Given that it can be quite difficult, overall for beginnners, to create a C++ model to expose to QML, i did a facility class for that : it take any Qobject derived item class, that has Q_PROPERTY for each exposed role, and my class uses a single line template factory.

To create the model like this :
QmlListModel * myModel = QmlListModel::create <MyItemClass> (this);

That you can expose to QML simply doing a :
Q_PROPERTY (QmlListModel * model READ getModel CONSTANT)

in a shared object and not forgetting the :
qmlRegisterUncreatableType<QmlListModel> () somewhere !

And from now you can use any QObject based classe for items, with the same model class ! No need to create the model yourself, it uses the Qt Meta Object to analyze the item class and find the roles !


Code is here :

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Hi !
Today I was talking with +sacha schutz about how we could acheive beautiful UI controls in plain QML, without any image.
So I did a nice (IMHO) sample, a text button with configurable baseColor, from which is automagically derived a gradient for the clickable area, a double dark/bright border (Tango style) and in addition, this button has a nice drop shadow effect on the text label.

Here is the code for the NiceTextButton.qml  component :

Feel free to use it or enhance it !

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Hi !
As we all know, each new release makes Qt better, and so on for QML. But brace yourself, Qt5.2 is coming, and the performance upgrade is not a tiny 1.5% on best case. NO ! We talk about hundreds times faster, and using less resources !!! A must read...
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