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GT-R in a RAD new COLOR!!!!
This Chinese Nissan GT-R stands out with its '90stastic three-tone lime green/blue/pink wrap. In West Guangzhou, born and raised... The more you stare at this GT-R, the more it grows on you, unlike t...
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worst customer service in alberta @ sunridge nissan < non sense
**Review of the sales experience, NOT the vehicle or its performance** March 2015

Bottom line first: I bought the vehicle because I like its design and its features, but the deal I got and the honesty of the employees is for sure NOT as good as others suggested in these reviews. 
Beware #1: The sales person (Ryan Li) offered me a $50 Tim Hortons gift certificate to write a good review (I have the proof in writing as a text message). Go figure how much is worth their dignity and how much you can trust the good reviews here.
Beware #2: I was charged $3900 for full protection package (for paint, leather, undercoat etc) while other dealerships I spoke to told me they charge $2500. Go figure! BTW, you can get the undercoat done for $250 not $700 as they say. Use the search button on Kijiji for that.
Beware #3: your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Don’t put money down until you’re absolutely and completely 100% sure you got the deal you wanted and you have ALL the information necessary to make the right decision. The number you signed for may not be the final number on your invoice / credit application due to taxes, fees, extended warranty, protection package or other mistakes. Make sure you take that into account before committing to anything!
Beware #4: I was offered 6 months no pay, 4-5 year free oil changes, no dealership fee ($2150 value if I remember well) and many different values for my trade in. They juggle professionally with many pleasant offers, but if you don’t pay close attention to your final deal you may get one or none of all those. My suggestion to prospective buyers: keep your phone in your shirt pocket on ‘Voice recording’ mode while talking to them. It might save you some headaches and/or some $$$
To keep it short and simple, that’s all I had to say. If you want to listen, good for you, if not, happy shopping at Sunridge Nissan!
To whoever is reviewing my review from Sunridge Nissan: Please don’t bother to respond with your apologies, those are not worth a penny.
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