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I am The Real Bill.
I am The Real Bill.

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Now this is surprising. 

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An interesting read as always. from Kresser.
Study finds that gut microbiota regulate glutathione production. Could explain in part why impaired gut flora linked to inflammatory diseases like type 2 diabetes and CVD.

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Here is my second blog about some changes I proposed at this year's #redislondon  developer day as well as the following unconf event. This one is Sentinel specific and is aimed at improving operations' options and management of Sentinel. Read more at

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At this year's Redis Developer Day in London I proposed several changes to Redis. Among them was a set of configuration improvements and additions that I feel would make it much easier to run Redis inside of Docker and other behind-a-NAT container and VM systems. The details are now available at and an actual RCP will be following next week after I chew on some of the awesome feedback at the conference and the unconf the next day.

So today my high-schooler gets to be lit on fire in chemistry - which is pretty awesome. No permission slip required - and I am ok with that. I remember doing this in class as well and it was indeed pretty cool.

However,  my grade schooler has a pool party but we are not allowed to  *send* sunscreen with her. Instead we had to put it on her in the early morning before school, send her to school dressed for school, and hope it is still effective by the time they change into swimming suits and get into the water later in the day. Why? Because it is against policy to let kids have sunscreen.

So basically it is OK to light kids on FIRE, but not let them effectively protect themselves from sunburn.


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Eighteen hours later, and worth the effort. 
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Egg set and Boston butt in and smoking before the rain hit. 😅
Now To watch temp for an hour or two and hopefully get some sleep. Then in about 16 more hours ... Pulled pork. 

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Sometimes you need or want to connect to a Sentinel managed Redis master but would rather not manually pull the connection information from the config or API, then run redis-cli with the current information.

This simple little utility, pod-connector, will let you do that, in addition to displaying in your terminal the information Sentinel has about the pod in a more readable view than 'grep <podname> /etc/redis/sentinel.conf' does.

As soon as I finish adding the Go RPC connector in RedSkull I'll add support for talking to RedSkull to this utility.

The repo is at I'm using to run tests on commits and PRs, as well as uploading new releases (compiled in Linux only for now) to the release page at

As you might be able to guess by the GitHub organization name, I'll be releasing more tools aimed at managing and interacting with Sentinel from an operational standpoint as opposed to as a Redis client.

Was just called the "Carl Sagan of Redis". Not sure how to feel about that.

I'm going with it being a compliment. ;)
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