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Beyond Personal Brand: Why You Need To Pursue Originality

In a world where more and more people have personal brands, how truly differentiated are you?

Well, how original are you?    

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Stories Not Goals

Over the course of my life, I’ve set plenty of goals, and then proceeded to not enjoy reaching them. Does this sound like you too? If so, you might enjoy this one! 

Forget Goals: Create A Story You Can Live Into

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Because it's the weekend, this:

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How's Your Personal Vitality?

Recently, I was sorting through some photos and was struck by the quirkiness of one in particular. It’s a photo of our cat Einstein giving me a quizzical look. For whatever reasons, this shot always provides me a little reminder to focus on what’s important in life. 

Frankly, I’ve always felt as though I was doing that. But then I hit a wall, and realized I could do better...

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Pay Attention

... cultural blindness can be dangerous. It’s especially risky if it traps us in a self-absorbed belief system that leaves little room for critical thinking about the world around us. Put differently, that blindness can contribute to a sense of rightness that leads to a delusional arrogance. A point made by David Foster Wallace in his 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon College

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

Hating Facebook has been “a thing” for a while now. People apparently hate other social media platforms too. LinkedIn has haters. Instagram has haters. Google Plus has haters. And Pinterest…no wait, I believe I read someplace that Pinterest is one of the most loved platforms. 

Now, being hated is no reflection on popularity. Nor is it connected to user base. Facebook has loads of users. 

Still, there are whole groups of people deactivating their Facebook accounts. There are also people who have opted to join newer “ad free” sites like Ello. It’s enough of a trend to make me feel as if there’s a certain cachet involved. 

Certainly there’s a kind of validation. 

After all, when you look around and find other people share similar feelings about an “object of scorn,” you can get a kind of moral uplift by joining them.

And this actually applies to the things you like and sign on for too! 

Yet, the larger problem is, when what you do is largely influenced by the groups you identify with, you get a pass on doing the kind of critical self-examination that brings personal clarity and ownership of your choices. 

Owning your choices can put you at odds with some of the people you know. But many will respect you for it. And if they don’t… Well, hey, that’s really about them!

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