not happy, sorry. 

you have no idea what it cost me to finally (and in lieu of all other alternatives) obtain an android based tablet.

[edit, i now understand that the "android" in my tablet has been crippled deliberately by some unspeakable in the production chain, and i am now hoping to understand how i am to solve this problem - posting as an individual with every right to want root on my own device, and not willing to resort to third party, and most likely infected (ie kough, cingo, kough) binaries. currently i am under threat of moderation or banning even asking this question, and i want to know WHY]

what the HELL is going on here?

android is supposed to be open.

and yet, in order to be owner of my own device, i am THROWN TO THE MERCY OF THE INTERWEBZ in search of (unprintable epithet) "applications" that may or may not be able to (SCREAM) "root" my device.


this is NOT open.


look, i know it's christmas and whatever all, and i'm not supposed to be unhappy at this time, because it's "unproductive", but please...

is there a clear explanation somewhere of how i gain adminstration access to my own machine, without having to rely on untrusted third party binaries?

and if not, why the HELL (sorry) not?

and who is behind this CRIMINAL (without prejudice) activity?
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