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Russell Grant (Ruz-EL)
I hate what you hate, and I hate you.
I hate what you hate, and I hate you.


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My "Movie A Day" blog starts the new year with 10 titles in 4 days. Yikes! Share and subscribe!

I can't believe I'm STILL arguing Star Wars and creators rights on the internet! Fucking kill me!

Trying to convince American that it's a bad idea to pressure your government into forcing George Lucas to release the original version of "Star Wars" as a "Heritage Treasure" is a lot harder then it should be... #Yeash

Butter chicken followed by cake for lunch. I see diarrhea in my future...

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Had an art teacher like that. Sheesh.

I got 19 people in my Cuddlahs circle. Google+ wont get any better then this...

I was going to use this as my facebook replacement.... BWAA AHA HA HAAAA!

All my Google Wave contacts seem to have dumped me. :(

(Not that I ever figured out Google Wave....)

Oh hey! this is still here! Hello there Google+, you're getting very close to be forgotten by me sadly, I don't have an app for you on my phone!

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