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José Carlos Montes Ríos

Hi designers!

We've opened a thread on Design course forums –yes, they're still active!– to discuss about building a community inside Coursera.
If you want to check it out, here's the link:
If you are a student from the first run, you probably won't be able to access to the course forums, so here's an extract:

...We students want to stay in touch...
Why loose this opportunity and give it to external Networks who get benefits with the traffic generated by a community that was born on Coursera?. I don't know if Coursera –as an educational institution– can display ads on its website, but I wouldn't mind having some unobstrusive ads just on forums –not on learning areas because it would be distracting and quite odd. This would be a way to monetize your efforts and ensure that this great initiative could grow healthily...

This could be the gap:
In what ways might we create a permanent –not ephemeral– community infraestructure inside Coursera?

Problem Definition (Whys&Hows)
In what ways might we/Coursera...

- make high quality education available all over the world –Coursera philosophy?
- achieve a global campus in which learning and sharing is the key?
- improve the overall experience about collaborative spirit –the buddy system?
- keep Coursera students in a collaborative environment inside the platform?
- (*) create a permanent –not ephemeral– community infraestructure inside Coursera?
- provide its own network linking students?
- establish a collaborative infraestructure based on students, mentors, moderators, T.A.s, teachers and staff?

Please, comment and contribute. Feel free to refine the gap as we make a list of User Needs. This is an iterative process and I'm sure that with your help we could come up with some good ideas.

And please, spread the word. Share a link to this thread. The more people get involved, the more we can make this our gap. And if we close it, we definitely could be nearer from each other.

Thank you all! You are awesome!

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I earned 100.0% in Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society on Coursera!
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