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Sci-fi writer living in Australia
Sci-fi writer living in Australia

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Cap and Trade is NOT a solution. It's just a ponzi scheme to redistribute money through the government. (How it works: Company pays government to use more carbon and the government credits of $4,000 are distributed to households. That stops nothing. It just raises prices to the consumer in the end which are paid back through the subsidy.) However, we do need to work on real solutions because the science is showing man made factors more and more. Democrats fixated on ponzie schemes like cap and trade and republicans fixated on there being no issue means nothing gets done. All talk until both sides wake up.

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It's here! Warriors is in the shops!

I'm so glad to see it out there. I've been writing this trilogy since 2002 and it's finally complete. The whole thing is about half a million words long and, at the speed I write, and with the many, many rewrites and edits, that represents thousands of hours of work.


I may have a small beer tonight.

The whole series is known as the Canta Libre trilogy and is all about the complete and utter shambles humanity makes of its first contact with alien species. (To be fair, it's not all our fault.)

The three volumes are called, Emissaries, Supplicants, and Warriors, and you'll find them at your favourite online book store. Just type my name into the site search.

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Remember, the Warriors launch is tomorrow, Monday, 11 Jan.

Book 3 of the Canta Libre trilogy is finally here.

You want to know how it ends, right?

(Warriors is available now at your favourite online book store. Just type my name into the site search and you'll find it.)

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The third novel in the Canta Libre trilogy is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Wanna sneak peek at the cover?

I'm currently editing the third novel in the Canta Libre trilogy - called "Warriors". I hate editing but it will be worth it to have the whole thing complete - almost half a million words in all! I think I can guarantee a surprise or two for those of you who have been reading the trilogy.

It's due out in January 2016, so those who haven't read the first two books ("Emissaries" and "Supplicants") have plenty of time to catch up.


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My new novel, Time and Tyde, is now available on all ebook retailers, e.g. 
Or find it on the iTunes iBookstore, Smashwords, or your favourite online book shop.
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It's good to see Harper Collins with a digital-first imprint too. The more the merrier. I had two books published by Pan Macmillan's digital-first imprint, Momentum, last year and have another coming out with them this year. At the same time, I have self-published other novels and short stories. It doesn't have to be one or the other. 

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The book comes out on April 1. What do you think?
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