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+Google México​ para cuándo nos tocará poder adquirir hardware de la playstore?

Los canales de distribución retail no ofrecen todo y lo que traen o está viejo o abusan en el precio.

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Since when I was a kid I found the IBM logo mesmerizing, it was con the electric typewriter of an aunt, many many year later, when researching that logo history found the Wikipedia article about Paul Rand, and realized his ample portfolio of corporate brands all were unique but at the simultaneously having that Je ne sais quoi making them alike.

More years later, I found this very amusing article about a firsthand experience of how Mr Rand shaped the IBM corporate graphic image.

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Trying to make usable a 2006 Dell Laptop by using SSD with Ubuntu.
 Responsiveness,  acceptable, went to check the usage, and as expected near to 0% of CPU waits with I/O,
Then noticed that one of the cores was pretty busy with compiz, so killing 50% of the performance just for eye candy does not look right.

After some googling found this Bug report , and a effective workaround in comment #13 from Marco Trevisan:
to disable some of the unity effects when not running on sw-renderer, is to run unity with:
  COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE=ubuntu UNITY_LOW_GFX_MODE=1 compiz --replace

Nice now back to as responsive as computers these days, which once again proves that for regular home PC use, processor of a decade ago is still good, so PoC completed and confirmed if you are going to upgrade your system, put your money on the slugish component: Disk I/O 

You would likely  need massive CPU horse power if you are doing video rendering, complex math calculations, Big Data or Analytics, and then probably a PC is not what you need.

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Incredible, after almost a week struggling  to make the intel hd4000 drivers to work on an Aspire P3 on a fresh windows 8.1, and getting 3d sofware only on v9, and error 43c with the drivers and no GPU operational with version 10, found this thread at intel comunity forums with some magic fix of installing some drivers of J5 which by the way did not appeared to change anything, but made the intel v10 drivers operational at Windows 8.1

Even funnier it is 8 months old and neither Mircosoft not intel seem to have fixed that on their new drivers

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