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Okay--I’ve now read just about all of the thoughts on the alligator lady and I have to ask this question:  Why would it matter what the relationships might be between the different characters?  Isn’t right and wrong a universal truth? Or do the conditions make something less right or more wrong?

I have a tough time with this one, Julia.  I may be able to forgive an indiscretion but that doesn’t mean that I’ve decided to love the slider one way or another to adjust the level of rightness or wrongness.

It’s kind of like when someone tells a little white lie.  A lie is a lie, isn’t it?  And isn’t telling a lie wrong?  But we’re more willing to let a white lie slide because we’ve moved that slider over to where we can accept a lie all the way up to a certain point but no further.  I think we do this with most everything where we make judgment calls on what’s acceptable and what’s not.  

Of course, each of us moves our slider and has it land at a different point for each indiscretion.

In my opinion, what I’ve just described here is far more important than what you all have written about deciding to cut a character some slack once you knew more about them.  What you did was loudly proclaim that there is no absolute right or absolute wrong.  Give that some thought, won’t you?

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The more I think about it the more inspired I am to come up with more names. Aung San Suu Kyi is someone who I’ve admired for a great many years and I’m not alone.  If she runs in earnest, she could become the next President of Burma.  I’d vote for her if I could.

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Miley Cyrus?  What was this person thinking?  What exactly is she leading people to do?  Did you see people rushing out to chop off their hair when she did?  Did you see people rushing out to lose their underwear when they exit cars like she did?  Did you see anyone emulating her songs?  So that person needs to explain what it was about Miley Cyrus that this person wanted to be led by.

Most people--whether male or female--don’t really become leaders until after they’ve been around for a few years and have had a chance to develop their leadership skills.

On the other hand, take young Malala Yousafzai and see how she’s become a leader to millions of young girls and adults and all before her 16th birthday.

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Sorry, Alicia, I didn't see anything redeeming in any of the characters in the story.

As for the scavenger teams--I agree with your assessment about what constitutes a winner.

I'm also pleased that part way through this exercise you realized that maybe your focus was misguided.  Do you really think that the goal was to finish all of the assigned tasks?  Or maybe it was an exercise in learning how to work as a cohesive team.

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Finally-someone has posted  a photo of the Wonder Woman pose. I don't get it.  Maybe when she had her own show back in the 70's I was focused too much on some of her other attributes.  :-)

The more I read what you all write about Dean Almandrez the more I like her.  She seems like a great instructor.

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I've read quite a bot about this "story" you were all told and you were the first to actually tell us the story.

Remember how many times I tried to make you all aware that all that we know about what you're going through is what you write in the blog.  When any of you just drop a few hints then it leaves us scratching our heads wondering what's going on.

I also wondered about the parameters of how the characters were judged--from least worst to worst.  Everyone seemed to be pre-judged as being "bad".  What a way to start out.

And what's with this idea about telling you all about the second chapter AFTER asking you to judge the characters?

And I need to know just who knew the rules as you were playing these games?  How was anyone supposed to know how to play the game?

About 40 years ago there was a movie about baseball players called "Bang the Drum Slowly".  These professional ball players played a card game called TEGWAR (The Exciting Game Without Any Rules).  They would find some sucker that just wanted to play with professional ball players and the ball players just made up the rules as they went along and stiffed the sucked for everything he was worth.  Sounds a lot like your game.

It was interesting reading about the lack of real leadership in your teammate that wanted to call of the shots.  What she was doing was deluding herself that she was in charge.  With a true leader, you all would have turned to that person for direction without that person having done a thing to encourage it.  True leaders are born.  

You might recall one of the questions we asked you in your interview asking whether you were a natural leader, someone who had to work at it or had it thrust upon them.  It would be interesting to go back to your interviews tapes and see how each of your responded and ask you again now to see how your answers compare.
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