My just-concluded phone call with Comcast:

Me: "Hi, I currently pay TiVo each month for 3 TiVos, and I think I want to switch to Comcast boxes instead."
Sean: "With your plan, that'll be $9.95 for the first DVR, $15.95 for each additional DVR."
Me: "Wow, that's actually more expensive than paying TiVo. And your DVRs aren't nearly as good."
Him: "I love my DVRs, I don't know what you're talking about."
Me: "Well, we used to have one of the Comcast boxes, and my kids could never figure them out. They've always been able to use the TiVo." (I've written about Comcast equipment UI issues before:
Him: "Well, you'd have to talk to the electricians or whatever about that. I'm in sales. Do you want to buy one or not?"
Me: o_O "Guess not."

By sticking with TiVo, we lose access to Comcast On Demand programming (though with Amazon Prime and Netflix Instant Streaming, we've got plenty in that department), but spend less per month and get a far superior UI. I'm generally annoyed that TiVo hasn't innovated in years with my equipment (next month will start my 12th year as a TiVo customer, through many different boxes), but guess I'll stick with TiVo for a while since Comcast clearly doesn't want my business.


(BTW: Given Sean's attitude, I think it'd be more accurate to say he's an order taker. If he'd been in sales, he would've taken the opportunity to actually, you know, try to sell me something.)
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