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Bangalore, Technology, F1, Motogp, Fitness, Reading, Easy Going, Fun-loving
Bangalore, Technology, F1, Motogp, Fitness, Reading, Easy Going, Fun-loving

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Over the past year, I've had 2 Chrome OS setups to play with and I am very impressed with both of them.

I bought a Asus Chromebit, which is a very large USB sized stick that plugs into your HDMI port. I had initially plugged it into my TV and was happy enough with the experience to buy a Dell 22 inch monitor (Dell 2216H) with speakers. That is now the rig that I have set up on my desk at home.

The things I like about the chromebit are
- No fuss, I press the keyboard and it is turns on in 2 seconds. I didn't realize it but that is the most important metric that keeps me from using my laptop
- Performance is great for browsing. I rarely have more than 5-6 tabs open and I haven't seen any quantifiable difference from my Macbook 13
- Since I have the full web, there are no constraints or barriers that I have on my ipad. Everything just works
- The setup has a role to play, a large bright monitor with a comfortable chair and ergonomically placed keyboard/mouse also contributes quite a bit to the feeling of comfort.

It has become my main catch up machine while having coffee in the morning.

The other Chrome OS machine I had the chance to play with was a Toshiba Chrome book 2 2015. It is also an awesome laptop, extremely good screen and keyboard with loud speakers and a battery that seems to last forever. The performance is quite a bit more than the Chromebit.

Thinking about it a bit more, it is likely that I would have a similar good experience with a Windows PC or a Mac Mini. However, both of them have two main disadvantages over the chromebook IMO
- They will cost many times more than what I paid for the Chromebit
- I doubt they will provide the frictionless that the Chromebit provides. They will have longer start up times, more updates etc.

The clincher, all of these opinions are formed at a time when Android apps haven't appeared for either of these two machines. I am confident that once that happens, their value will be even better

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I started this community about RMZ Ecospace, probably the most high profile tech park in Bangalore to create a forum to discuss all issues that are relevant to the people working there. Do join and also share this information

Wishing my dearest daughter Nisha a very happy birthday. She turns 13, just seems like yesterday on a night in Chennai she was born.

+Bianca​ hope you have a wonderful year. Remember, the world is in front of you and with your wonderful personality and intelligence, you will enrich everyone's life that you come into contact with. 

Moved to my inlaws house for a few days as the house gets painted, this means that a huge chunk of my broadband quota is still available for the next 2 days. Using this to upload all my photos and videos to Google photos. Thank god for ACT which gives fairly good upload speeds unlike my airtel connection

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About a dozen trucks just completed a week of largely autonomous driving across Europe, the first such major exercise on the continent.

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Created a community for Ecospace to share news, discuss issues and improve the quality of life for the lakhs of people that work there

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I ordered the Lenovo Vibe X3 as soon as it became available on Here are my initial impressions of the phone from a post I wrote on my blog.

In the Indian market, Lenovo phones have primarily occupied the low to mid end of the market offering reasonable specifications at prices in the 10000-15000 range. The K3 Note and the A6000 proved extremely popular in 2015 and the company seems to be taking things a notch forward in 2016. The K4 Note has been enthusiastically received with the flash sales selling out in less than a second. However, all of these phones occupy the low end whereas the mid to higher end was tackled by Motorola with the Moto G, Moto X Play and Moto X Style

However, that has changed in the past few days with the launch of the Lenovo Vibe X3. There was a lot of buzz about this phone in the mobile circles. The pundits were speculating that it would be launched at close to 25000. So, it was a very pleasant surprise when the phone was launched earlier this week at a price of 19,999.

The specifications are top notch and just below the current flagships. A 1080p screen (vs 1440p), a Snapdragon 808 hexa core (vs SD 810 octa core) and 3 GB RAM (instead of 4 GB) are what separate it from the true flagships. However, it has most of the other features that are present in the flagships, premium metal construction, finger print sensor, front facing speakers and a fairly beefy battery.

In the introductory launch video, Lenovo emphasised 3 senses that the X3 satisfies, touch, sound and sight. The phone looks fantastic. Despite the front facing speakers, the phone is not very large and the speakers are integrated very nicely in the front. The speakers have a Dolby branding and sound very full and rich. The phone carries the typical Motorola design cues of a curved back and fits very nicely in the hand. It has a metal frame and the back is plastic, while it is not very cheap, it certainly does not feel as premium as the higher end phones. The build quality is very good, with excellent fit and finish and no creaking anywhere. In summary, I think that they have delivered on all these fronts.

I've been a hard core Android user since 2010 and only moved to an iphone a few months back. During this time, I have become a fan of the smoothness and polish of iOS. The X3 does not disappoint on the performance front, there is hardly any lag anywhere. I was able to switch between applications quickly thanks to the 3 GB of RAM. Scrolling on the apps was smooth and mostly at an even 60fps. Overall, I would give it a 9/10 for performance (compared to the iphone 6+ 10/10).

Over the years, I have been conflicted by the additions to Android that the manufacturers introduce. I really think that some of the features are very useful and truly add value but they come with the inevitable performance penalty. Here, I think Lenovo has taken the right lesson from its Motorola unit and kept the customizations to a minimum. The launcher can be switched to the stock Google launcher but the theming engine that Lenovo has makes it look a lot better than stock. I did notice a weird behaviour where when you tap on a folder, it completely blanks out the other items on the screen, but that is probably how it is designed. The other positive aspect of the phone is that the add on apps can be uninstalled unlike some of the other phones I have owned (looking at you Asus!).

The screen is fairly bright and has very good viewing angles. I did not face any problems viewing it outdoors. The speakers are one of the best I have ever heard on a phone and completely put my iphone 6+ and zenfone 2 to shame. It should be adequate for most music and podcasts, though I would recommend a bluetooth speaker for parties.

Next the camera. With a 21 mega pixel and f/2.0 aperture, it has all the right hardware, but as is often the case, it is a question of how well the hardware and software work together. I felt that the daylight shots were very good with great detail but the night shots left a bit to be desired. My point of comparision is always the iphone and here I think it delivers a 7 to the iphone's 10. I've shared a few of the pictures I shot today.

The fingerprint scanner works fairly well and quickly too. However (and this is a recurrent theme), I didn’t find the experience as refined as that of iOS.

Overall, my impressions of the Vibe X3 are very positive. I think it has redefined the sub 20000 market here in India with a phone that approaches the quality of much higher priced competitors and exceeds them in many areas. It will be interesting to see how the other manufacturers react and what they will bring to the market later this year. As I spend more time with it, I will definitely share more of my experiences

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Looking at the way things have gone in Formula One, I think we could be in for a pretty boring season.

Mercedes should be in a class of one, far above the rest

Ferrari look to be the best of the rest, but RedBull should be there as will Williams. I don't see anyone else in the top 8 spots

Lotus, Sauber and Torro Rosso should be the teams fighting for positions 9-10

Force India will be lucky to see the end of the season

Mclaren Honda is the real unknown, they could be the slowest in the first few races, but will likely go up to be on par with the top 3 teams behind Mercedes

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I couldn't agree more. That is why I carry a point and shoot to most occasions where I know I will be taking photos. The cell phone camera is only for the truly random shots
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