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Anyone know where I can pick up a sub-200w power supply for a reasonable price that doesn't suck?

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Gave up on finding a server rack I could afford, and built my own. :-)

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Interesting... is it odd my first impulse was to create a post that contained all of the words listed?

Did anyone manage to snag one of the first 10k of the Raspberry Pi boards?

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Kader Arif, the guy in charge of reviewing ACTA for the EU Parliament, resigned in disgust. It kind of flies in the face of ACTA supporters claiming opposition to ACTA is based on miss-information, doesn't it?

"The conclusion is simple: either ACTA is useless, or it is a threat."

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Raspberry Pi boards will be finished manufacturing on February 20th! Yay!

Used my first custom SQL Server profiler trace today to track down a pesky connection issue. I can't believe I've never had to use one before now.

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Wow, they did remove the incoming stream! :-O
If you're like me you may not have used the Incoming stream very much, but it did serve a purpose and we did use it to see if there were any interesting people following us we hadn't circled back yet.

Considering the Incoming stream was eminently more useful than the "What's Hot" stream or the "Suggested People" Google+ throws at us, this is a page to +1 or circle to show your support for bringing the Incoming Stream back!

Join us, won't you?
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