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Where the Really Smart People take their continuing education!
Where the Really Smart People take their continuing education!


We are in the lazy days of Summer but don't let that keep your from getting your Continuing Education hours in.  Conditioned Air renews this year by November 30th.  Visit our online training center for the convenience of working on your hours at your own pace and from the comfort of your home!
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Construction Whodunnit

A workman was killed at a construction site. The police began questioning a number of the other workers.
Based with past brushes with the law, many of these workers were considered prime suspects. They were a motley crew:
The electrician was suspected of wiretapping once but was never charged.
The carpenter thought he was a stud. He tried to frame another man one time.
The glazier went to great panes to conceal his past. He still claims that he didn't do anything; that he was framed. 
The painter had a brush with the law several years ago.
The heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor was known to pack heat. He was arrested once but duct the charges.
The mason was suspect because he gets stoned regularly.
The cabinet maker is an accomplished counter fitter.
The autopsy led the police to arrest the carpenter, who subsequently confessed. The evidence against him was irrefutable, because it was found that the workman, when he died, was hammered.
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You Know You”re A Contractor If…
1. Your dog rides in your truck more than your wife.

2. You wear specific hats to tool sales, equipment auctions, customer appreciation suppers, and vacations.

3. You have ever had to wash off in the backyard with a garden hose before your wife would let you in the house.

4. You've never thrown away a 5-gallon bucket.

5. You can remember the square footage, pounds of nails required, crew labor rates and permit delays on a house you built 10 years ago, but cannot recall your wife's birthday.
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As you know, we are coming up on a renewal year for Conditioned Air Contractors (November 2013) and Septic Installers and Pumpers (Feb 2014). Be on the lookout for our upcoming schedule of classes for Fall and Winter.  If you would prefer the convenience of getting your CEU hours in without leaving home visit us at and take your course at our online training center. 
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Our Fall/Winter In-Person Schedule is now in the planning stage.  Jon and George are looking forward to getting some great topics together for everyone.  As soon as the schedule is complete look for it online, in your email inbox, your US Mail Box and here at Google +
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GA Plumbers!!!  November 30th is your cut of date for renewing your licenses!  Get your continuing ed in soon and avoid the rush!
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Our Fall 2012 & Winter 2013 In-Person Class Schedule is now posted on our website.  Come see if we have a location near you or check on our Online Courses!  They're available 24/7! 
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