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Hello! Is it possible for me to make a page I own the main page instead of it being a second page?

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new blogpost (:

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Catching Fire Premiere
Oh Hi! "Catching fire" premiered tuesday night in Finland. And me, as the girl who cried through the whole first movie and has also afterwards read all the books at least 10 times, had to go. Yes, I went to see a movie at 12am on a school night because I'm ...

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"To This Day" - Video
Hi! Today I won't be taking up your time writing about something. Instead I want you to give me seven minutes of your life to watch something to change your life. Don't just look at it, SEE it. See how words hurt, see how actions hurt, and see how you can s...

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Zoella-Inspired Messy Bun
Hi! Some weeks ago beauty guru Zoe, also known as Zoella, had her hair done into a nice messy up-do. I wanted to do something like it to myself and I actually attempted it. (You can see that on @lovezoesugg on instagram) Yesterday Emma was at my place and I...

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New Glasses & Finished Room (Sneak Peek)
Hello! Today I have a really small post for you guys because this is an improvised post at almost 12am. I finally got my new glasses! I've been waiting to get new glasses forever because my old glasses were giving me a headache and now I finally have my new...

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Julia's blogpost ♥
heey! I decided to start this by telling something about myself :) FACTS ABOUT ME I'm sixteen years old I live in Lappeenranta I have three best friends; Maddie and Saara, whose live like million kilometers away from me and Tatu, my boyfriend. I've known Ma...

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What do you mean "It's saturday today and you have to make a blogpost"?
Hola! The title explains how I react every saturday when I realize it's time for me to write a blogpost and the week has gone by without giving me any ideas to a blogpost. Seriously. Today I thought I could tell you a little bit about my plans for fall brea...
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