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NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications
Satellite Phones sales, airtime service, rentals & an iridium authorized repair center, BGAN High-Speed Satellite Modems, Sat Tracking & Fleet Monitoring, and Satellite WiFi Hotspot Sales, Repairs, Airtime, & Rentals
Satellite Phones sales, airtime service, rentals & an iridium authorized repair center, BGAN High-Speed Satellite Modems, Sat Tracking & Fleet Monitoring, and Satellite WiFi Hotspot Sales, Repairs, Airtime, & Rentals


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Mark , we want to thank you for taking your time to thank us. Thanking someone is like passing on a smile, or your boss telling you that you did a great job on something. So thank you Mark for your time to pass on your thoughts. From all +NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications and Jeremy C.

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All of us +NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications want to give a big thanks to Fritz , who has been one of our clients that has made a difference by using communication for communication.
These days it very rare, so a big thank you to Fritz!

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Check out the new promo for iridium GO !
When you watch it remember some things and visualize if your looking to go anywhere, or maybe life takes some turns for the dramatic and leaves you without cellular coverage, tired of waiting to get a call out to your family because your on a business trip To a place without all the coverage you thought , or waiting on your husband that’s a soldier for him to get to a place to talk, or you and your wife are trekking it through beautiful Denali park in Alaska in springtime only to see there’s no cell reception only to feel defenseless.....Remember that +NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications says “Wherever Life Takes you?....GO Prepared, & GO Totally Global”

Call or email us if your ready TŪGO and we will give you the treatment on #TotallyGlobal Communication to see how you can either get a TŌGLO Device of your own or begin a path of knowledge that will at least help you know what out there for you.

To try the iridium TŪGO Pack go to our site here below to rent it with 150 minutes & Unlimited Data on the Iridium GO apps and use this Promo Code of NAXSATCOM to get $25 off

Just select the iridium Unlimited for one month and see about checking this off of your life saving kit ?

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Iridium NEXT is just about done with one of the largest and most technological feats of this century.


In every way from the gas you put in your car, cargo shipments of everything imaginable from country to country, weather predictions & alerts, life saving calls and two way trackers that your loved ones can view, M2M operators that watch alerts, & reports on remote bases, buying dinner from a mountain top restaurant or gift shop , and the list goes on and on and on.

Watch the video and see what we mean & read some news articles on Iridium’s new NEXT system that will be completely live before end of this year

For questions contact us +NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications , or +IridiumComm

We have several promotions for new and existing Clients as well. Call us for details. Or visit our website at

Sincerely, the entire NorthernAxcess SatCom team

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Demostracion de los mejores telefonos satelitales Iridium para usar en lugares remotos donde no hay cobertura celular o terrestre. Aprende las caracteristicas de cada modelo.
Preparate para el proximo viaje y estes en Comunicacion en cualquier parte del mundo.

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View our tips as an iridium authorized repair center on how to service, repair, and maintenance your iridium satphones and other iridium handsets, hotspots, SBD, and PTT devices.
We also have new quick replacement programs for all iridium providers and device owners that make keeping your phone around more cost efficient in the case of damage.

View video below or contact us for info. You can also find the online auto fill RMA form link here below as well.*

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According to the new USA Today post listed on a link below the use of #SatellitePhones for emergency communication has been Just about completely depleted with the current events such as Puerto Rico being without power and communications, along with Mexico City, Florida Regions and more in Texas, and this years hurricane season has just begun, not including other world events we have no control over.

So the use of satellite phones and also portable satellite internet terminals when there is nothing has not only become made more aware of in need of crisis but it has now come to the point that people in the world should possibly take note on how we rely on our ground cellular systems and more and think about purchasing a satellite phone for times like these that will eventually happen to all of us at one point or another.

All of us at +NorthernAxcess Satellite Communications are an all in one satellite communication specialty group that can help you understand how these things work both in ways of support, education, Best solutions for you without being told you need to spend a fortune without being necessary to your needs.
We also are and iridium Authorized Repair Center, & in this case one of the main so-called ARC's for the largest and completely global satellite network in the world.
Because of this it lets us both provide all equipment and airtime services as well as assist in repairing your equipment in the most cost efficient way possible.

Also as of right now we currently have a surplus of quality refurbished iridium 9505A, 9555, & 9575 satellite phones kits and bundles, solar panels to charge the Satphones, plus equipment called Docks/ command centers that allow you to put your satellite phone into a mountable dock and also plug in an actual phone line with an regir RJ11 jack or even right into your PBX phone system and have what some like to call their emergency batphone, which in allot of cases is your life saver.
We also have portable satellite internet terminals that assist in getting broadband wifi up and going, however make sure to call us and discuss whether you need those kind of items or not because most things that run satellite internet have a bit of a price Shock at first.

Also be very weary of certain ones jacking up prices because they are there for one reason only, or if you see a great deal call the main company and make sure there is no hidden fees or 12 month contracts with very larger overage fees and cancellation fees.
This is a time of ones that are there to help and ones that are there for different reasons. So we are offering free support for anyone that has questions as well as free diagnosis reports for anyone that buys a satphone cheap but it's not working as it should, or if you had you own and it no longer gets signal.

These current events should teach us all that we should all have a plan B for communications. Everyone should already know that Not even the USA or Europe is Total covered with cellular communication even when it is all up and running perfect.
Such as those who have driven the whole scenic spots of the west coast know about close to half is not covered, or when going through mountain passes in places like Wyoming, Oregon, Washington state, Colorado, Alaska, Canada and allot of those areas where tons of camping, travelers, site seers, photographers & more go all year know that communications can be scarce.

So plan ahead before a situation comes across again like this where now the USA Today speaks about the problem of not having enough satellite phones for emergency management, military, families trying to stay in touch, and many more industries, sectors, employees, and much more now have to battle through the possibility that it could be longer than thought without power.

Read this article below and again let us know if we can do anything at all. We have a fairly decent amount of all refurbished iridium phones and are trying to work it out to stay ahead.

Thank you again from all of us at NorthernAxcess Satellite communication.

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Prepare yourself in all situations. As an Authorized Repair center, equipment and service provider we can help you with any of your needs and just provide over the phone support to help even if your not our client. So don't hesitate to call for info.

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See the new ASE iridium 9575 Push To Talk Bag Dock that you can carry around and use the Iridium's New global push to talk or PTT system.

Also iridium has given us the right to announce the new specials that will be taking place as of Tuesday Australia 1st You will be able to get the North American and the Global Small and Medium talk groups at no monthly charge.

There will also be a new 3 month and 12 month plan with lower fees for the larger talk groups, and finally there will be no deposit with the Small and Medium talk groups as of now although that might change to all of them.

This all opens up Iridium's new Push To Talk Global network for people to use in a big way, which is the way it was intended.

So watch our video about the ASE 9575 PTT Bag Dock, and call us at 877-299-9931 for all specials on iridium PTT devices and service, and do t forget that all summer we are running free firmware upgrades and bench testing if you mention it on the 9505A's and 9555's as Iridium's Authorized Repair Center you have everything you need under one roof so you can explore the world without limitations.

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Heres to all the ones that love the real outdoors, and the kinds of places where only a satellite phone would work to make a call. NorthernAxcess says that's why we do what we do.
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