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Ernie Gillis
I reject your reality, and replace it with my own
I reject your reality, and replace it with my own
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Check check check. Is this thing on? tap tap tap tap tap

Is there anybody out there?
Fenway, Boston, Massachusetts

Am sure this must have been post already, but here it is again:,2817,2401561,00.asp

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oh! and, politically, you think it's either capitalism or socialism? Well... the two are COMPLETELY co-dependent. Here's just one example...

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Internet freedom? Doesn't exist.
Surprised? You shouldn't be.

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Not sure how many of you know who Lester Chambers is, but the Chambers Brothers music is iconic! There are a lot of beliefs as to what it's like to "hit it big" or "be a star", but the reality is there are for more that turn out this way than you may realize. Think of the last time you said, "I wonder whatever happened to....?" or "I remember that song!" It's not always, but it's more common to be similar to this story from Lester. I'm neither for or against the whole Occupy Wall Street thing, but I am a firm believer that industry in the guise of art needs to be reassessed and redesigned to avoid things like this.

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Haven't had a chance to upload pics to my #Project365 until now... phew!
Project365 - 2012
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coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee......

Don't fall prey to believing what others are saying. Make your own INFORMED decision.

These are the official texts of SOPA and PIPA. Only these have the truth of what is written in them.

Yes, they are long, but any news about them does not give a full neutral picture.
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