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Your daily dose of beautiful bud.
Your daily dose of beautiful bud.

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On the latest episode of WeedPornDaily TV, we take an HD look at frosty Jack Herer nugs!

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Colorado and Washington have made history by being the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use! One giant leap towards ending this war on drugs and creating safe access for stoners everywhere.

And congrats to Massachusetts for legalizing medicinal marijuana today as well. Quite the forward momentum in the marijuana movement!

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>First & Second Prize:
1x Handcrafted Hemp-bound Notebooks
1x Hemp Wick
1x Rolling Paper of Choice

>Third and Fourth Prize:

1x Handcrafted Hemp-bound Notebook
1x Random Rolling Paper

>How do I enter?

Reblog the post below and follow us on Tumblr. (Each reblog = 1 entry. Likes do not count. No giveaway blogs.):

Tweet this post: “Entered a giveaway on @WeedPornDaily!” and follow us on Twitter. (Only 1 entry for Twitter)

Like us on Facebook and post your favourite strain on our wall. (Only 1 entry for Facebook):

>The Rules:

You must be over 18 to enter. You will be required to send us your address within 3 days of winning.

You can enter as many times as you want by reblogging this post on Tumblr. However, you must be following the WPD Tumblr blog to be eligible. Also, giveaway blogs are not eligible. And you must keep all this text when reblogging the post.

Only one entry per Facebook/Twitter account.

>When does it end?

On October 31st, 4:20pm EST I’ll compile all the entries into a master list, and use a random number generator to pick the 4 winners from the list.

Good luck!
And stay regular super stoners~

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Half ounce of "Jack Herer".

Dense, perfectly cured nugs that had a slight aroma of foliage. But when you open up a nug, an aroma of fruit, foliage, and skunkiness comes through. That same smells comes through the flavour.

Sativa dominant hybrid, quite nice for medicating pain, anxiety, nausea, lack of appetite, stress, insomnia, and muscle pain. Great for energy, creativity, focus, cerebral. Dry mouth is pretty bad with this strain, as well as the after taste.

Overall a 8.5/10. Great all-around strain for getting up and about.
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Our second 1080p bong rip! Smoking some Jack Herer this week, with @MrsWPD and VIP guest Manatee.

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Cannabis: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the stoner Grouch. It's life-long mission: to explore strange new buds, to seek out new stoners and strains; to boldy go where no sober man has gone before.

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Stay up to date with the updates and new features on the website.

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Recorded a new podcast. Cannabis news, rants, and cannabis cup jealousy.

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Smoke one with Ganja Grouch in the latest WeedPornDaily TV episode~

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The first 1080p bong rip on WeedPornDaily TV! Get stoned with us in high definition~
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