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Naren Mangtani
Normal is boring
Normal is boring


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I challenge you to find dumber and more hilarious stuff than this

Australians - +John Fanavans +Gem Hodges anyone. My friend will be traveling to Australia soon for a short 7 day trip, and obviously wants to have a/her phone with. Don't know her service provider but international roaming doesn't sound too good to her. What are her best options to have a phone while she's there? Should add, she needs to be able to communicate through there as well as to us, wifi won't always be available obviously Andis extra charged even in her hotel (really???). Thanks

You know when someone speaks from their heart, and that's #CharlesRamsey

Oh I'd love to meet this guy. Keep it up Bro!

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Just awesome! Amazing to see young entrepreneurs/start ups come up with such cool tech, and this has tremendous potential to go real big.
Automatic turns your car into an app

This is cool. Automatic lets you get access to your car's systems. What does that let you do? A whole bunch of stuff that we cover in this interview. It all shows up on your smartphone.

Never forget where you parked. Get help in an accident. See lots of other data. 

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Always fascinating to read first hand experiences of the intriguing North Korea
+Eric Schmidt's daughter posts a fascinating trip report about her visit to North Korea. Worth reading.

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LOL, the things people do, and you call that 'GPS error'??

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I was just going through my playlists and found this that I had saved a long time ago. A nice little message.

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Tee Hee

Via +Brett Bjornsen
Not Your Usual Friday Night Trash

It is considered a truism that if you want to release news that you don't want people to hear... you release it on Friday night.

But this is the most awesome thing from the White House you might ever hear. Remember the petition to build a Death Star? This is the response.

And done in a way to drive home the point that they get it. They get the importance of this movie... and they get the importance of STEM. And they get how they can help you realize it too.

If only everything else they did made as much sense as this reply.

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This is extremely disappointing. And after all that, he's now admitting it on his own? The probable reasons listed in the article don't even make sense.

Might sound juvenile or silly to some, but I was a huge fan, and have been wearing the live strong band (yeah which many find stupid) for continuously 7 years now and even gave it to my close friends, and to a friends kid. Guess its time to trash it.

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Check out this video on YouTube:
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