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How to upload a new template for your blog ?
Instructions for how to install them! Up
until fairly recently there was a problem with uploading a template through the
new interface. It seems that what was happening was that if you had widgets
installed in your site, that weren't in the template that yo...

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How to converting your blog Posts in to a book ?
am always up for a new challenge. This post is posted by me (   Mohit Raiyani   ) and i am wanted to transform my blog
into a book. 1   Getting an export of your blog's
contants :  
      →  The best way to get
all of your content out of Blogger is by usi...

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Responsive JS / CSS Animated Menu for Responsive Website
We working on a website and developing toggle menu for Responsive website design only. Demo here. Source Code < style > #toggle {
position: absolute;
height: 45px;
width: 45px;
cursor: pointer;
} #toggle .ham-bar {
position: absolute;
left: 0;

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Python : A Calculator
Python Calculator Source Code : from Tkinter import * import Pmw, string class SLabel(Frame): "" " SLabel defines a 2-sided label within a Frame. The
left hand label has blue letters the right has white letters "" "
def _init_(self, master, le...

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