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The Future Project Workshop 3: Body
This week workshop started with this collage. A collage that illustrated our vision of 2060---a world suffer from radiation. The tutors suggested that we go big and build a bodysuit so I tried... Our whole concept were based on the idea of sunflowers were u...

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The Future Project Workshop 2: Food
We were all quite happy with the first week collaboration so the majority of us decided to work in the same group for the next project as well. Just like last week, we had a long discussion and  brainstorm.  At the end we decided to develop a product that w...

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The Future Project Workshop 1: Community
We started our 3 weeks workshop by  doing  a test on our thought for the 2060 and ultimately got a score that show our level of optimism. We  getting into groups base on the scores so we  roughly had similar vision on how the world will be in 2060. The firs...

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2060 Primer.
In the past Easter I did a primer task of the summer project, which I had  to use cut-up technique  to  develop 10 divinations of what will happen in 2060. And here is what I came up with. I really wasn't thinking much when I made these 10 "divinations". So...

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Project Review #2
Another drawing I did for the same editorial project. This time was an article from the New York Times the tittle is  Surf for Love, Not for Gold , which argue that surfing is not the right sport to add to the Olympics. It list a lot of reason about how sur...

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Project Review #1
So I did  an illustration  dedicated to an  article  from the Guardian. It talks about the situation of people in Britain hoarded house which leak to the problem of squatting. To illustrate the difference between the people who hoard housing and the one who...

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Relief Print Opah
I choose one of my fish sketch for my first relief printing image. It was surprisingly easy to carve and it only took me a few minutes to get use to drawing with a carving knife. As this was the first try, I experimenting different layer of sheer and opaque...

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Summer Postcard.
2015 is almost over and it is time to gather all the tiny bits and bobs I did over the past few months. I visited Germany, Canada and Barcelona in the summer holiday. It might be the most active summer I have ever had. And I made a few postcard dedicate to ...

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  A week before the holiday started, I went to have a little try on woodcut relief printing. Since it's about christmas time, it seems natural to make christmas theme prints (with a personal touch/love on it).   
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