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Automated Online eBook Creation from InDesign or Quark Files in Minutes
Automated Online eBook Creation from InDesign or Quark Files in Minutes

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Easypress announces the launch of its new Book Publishing in the Cloud platform

Easypress Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of its new Book Publishing in the Cloud technology to deliver both print and digital books 50% faster, 50% cheaper, while still using Publishers’ existing internal print production and workflow processes.

As a leading digital publishing software developer Easypress has worked with HarperCollins UK to help shape the new Book Publishing in the Cloud technology. The new platform fulfils all of HarperCollins’ key requirements: allowing them to produce more books, with the same resources, in less time, with no dramatic change to existing editorial & production processes and requiring just a few hours of training.

Book Publishing in the Cloud is a workflow and collaborative system for the production of print, digital and eBooks. This will allow editors, typesetters and production to access, view, edit, proof, suggest changes and approve books securely through a web browser.

For the first time, HarperCollins can choose not to completely outsource the expensive phase of physical typeset production to a third-party. In partnership with the FMG Group, HarperCollins can now use Easypress’ Book Publishing in the Cloud platform which is capable of automatically producing any layout and will “regalley” [or “resize”] from Royal, to Demi, “A” and “B” formats in minutes, with no manual intervention. In addition, the unique Easypress technology can immediately produce any digital products from the book format in seconds. The ability to deliver these products directly provides HarperCollins with a 50% savings in direct costs, whilst dramatically reducing their “Time to Publish” for both Print and Digital products.

James Macfarlane, CEO of Easypress Technologies said: “We are delighted that HarperCollins UK has chosen to work with us on our new Book Publishing in the Cloud as a technology platform. Easypress has listened closely to HarperCollins future publishing needs; we have developed our technology to meet those needs and those of other publishers. Crucially, Harper Collins early understanding of this technology ahead of their competitors enables them to bring more content to market faster and in more formats, whilst also reducing costs. With Easypress, HarperCollins will be able to make their workflow decision whilst not disrupting the way they work. Easypress are delighted to work with such a dynamic and leading team in publishing and look forward to combined success over the near future.

James Graves, Global Production Sourcing Director at HarperCollins UK said: “For some time HarperCollins has been looking for ways to harness improved technology to meet the new challenges to create both print and digital products more efficiently. The new Easypress Book Publishing in the Cloud technology will substantially cut our external costs and bring considerable benefits internally in terms of improving our workflow. For instance we can now have access to any print format or digital product in seconds rather than weeks, this gives us the ability to challenge the traditional route to market, if we choose we can publish our content digitally first then re-flow into hardback or paperback book formats for any English-speaking market in seconds.

With our direct input, Easypress has developed a very unique publishing platform which is both easy to adopt and use, and delivers a great return on investment for any publisher. I believe Book Publishing in the Cloud is a technology the market has been seeking for some time.”

• Easypress Technologies are exhibiting at Frankfurt Book Fair 2012, 10-13th October – Hall 4 – Stand A1312.
• For further information about Book Publishing in the Cloud and Easypress Technologies, visit, email or call UK: +44 (0) 1483 685250 / USA: +1 212 792 4094.

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For eBooks, Font is Crucial.

Easypress has been surprised by the overwhelming interest and demand in its new “Fixed-Layout” version of EasyEPUB. The ability for existing print Publishers of Children’s fixed format books to produce eBooks automatically using EasyEPUB’s unique software has been exciting.

However, one of the things we have noticed amongst a range of mid-sized Publishers is how underprepared many Publishers are in their preparation for the digital eBook revolution. For Fixed-Layout eBooks, Publishers need to think more carefully in the arena of Fonts usage and Font Management. Fixed-Layout eBooks require that the layout of the print book be faithfully reproduced in the form of a “turning-pages” eBook EPUB file.

That process requires that Publishers must allow for their Fonts, or Font substitutes, to be used in the production of their “Fixed Layout” eBooks. We understand that the digital market may not be very clear on what if required to produce high-digital products. We can therefore understand why Publishers may be confused about what digital publishing represents as a change or impact to their existing publishing processes.

Many Publishers believe that you can simply repurpose the existing Fonts they have within their print books as digital eBooks online. In fact, OpenType or TrueType Fonts need to be used to construct eBooks which are faithfully reproduced on every eReading device.

To reap the benefits of the eBook revolution Publishers must pay careful attention to the Fonts they design their books with. In the future Publishers need to think not just in terms of print but digital products for the future.

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How EasyPress Revolutionizes ePublishing

Up to now, all sample EPUB-3 eBooks demonstrated in the market have been essentially “hand-crafted” and constructed around a marketing message a particular vendor wishes to present to the eBook Publishing world.

At Easypress, we have constructed the capability to build into the eBook production process -- through EasyEPUB -- the ability to ingest, position and automatically create rich-media eBook EPUB files with all of the capabilities supported by EPUB3 in a single eBook creation process.

This technology allows for the seamless integration of embedding video clips, audio files and java scripted “widgets” to enhance the eBook. This is all easily achieved by marking up the Adobe InDesign file with a link to the appropriate rich-media element and letting the technology construct the EPUB-3 eBook automatically.

The benefit of this approach is that Publishers using Adobe InDesign, or QuarkXPress, already have their typeset print book titles tagged with images. Easypress has augmented this by extending the in-InDesign “tagging” for images to support video, audio and other processible scripted objects. Existing typeset production processes will be able to easily understand and enhance their own print files to provide enhanced digital content within the same workflow process stage.

The EasyEPUB technology platform is cloud-based, and is available from any Book Publishing desktop which is web-connected. Publishers using EasyEPUB can produce their own enhanced EPUB3 files automatically in just a few minutes.
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